iTunes Play Summary: Week To Date (2019-02-11 - 2019-02-15) Last Update: 2019-02-15 08:38:16
Listening Time: 09:40:01
Number of Song Plays: 146
Unique Songs Played: 131
Unique Artists: 23
Unique Albums: 32

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RankArtistPlaysPlay Duration
1Pearl Jam5904:15:48
2Panda Bear1400:48:37
5Pedro The Lion1000:32:45
6Jason Anderson800:38:21
7Death Vessel700:29:05
8The Shins300:11:32
9Modest Mouse200:10:04
10Foo Fighters200:08:24
RankAlbumPlaysPlay Duration
1No Code1501:01:11
Pearl Jam
Panda Bear
Pearl Jam
4Make Believe1200:46:14
5Vitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]1100:39:23
Pearl Jam
Pedro The Lion
Jason Anderson
Pearl Jam
10Island Intervals700:29:05
Death Vessel
RankSong (Played more than once)PlaysPlay Duration
1Release (2008 Brendan O'Brien Mix)500:44:57
Pearl Jam - Ten (Legacy Edition)
2Present Tense300:17:20
Pearl Jam - No Code
3Come Back300:16:29
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam
Panda Bear - Buoys
5I Know I Don't Know200:05:42
Panda Bear - Buoys
6Perfect Situation200:08:30
Weezer - Make Believe
Panda Bear - Buoys
Panda Bear - Buoys
Panda Bear - Buoys
10D T C C200:10:59
Doubting Thomas Cruise Control - Incredible Mileage

RankGenrePlaysPlay Duration
3Indie Rock100:02:15
RankYearPlaysPlay Duration
iTunes Play Details: Week To Date (2019-02-11 - 2019-02-15)Last Update: 2019-02-15 08:38:16
Play Date/Time Song Artist Album
2019-02-11 05:27:18This Is Such A PityWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 05:31:40Hold MeWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 05:35:34PeaceWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 05:39:08We Are All On DrugsWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 05:44:25The Damage In Your HeartWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 05:48:41Pardon MeWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 05:51:29My Best FriendWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 05:54:46The Other WayWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 05:58:12Freak Me OutWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 07:05:37Haunt You Every DayWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 12:18:03Present TensePearl JamNo Code
2019-02-11 12:41:11ProblemShell of a ShellAlready There - EP
2019-02-11 12:45:57Another Way OutWoozyBlistered
2019-02-11 12:52:03I'll Leave You AloneTwo Inch AstronautCan You Please Not Help
2019-02-11 12:56:56Lure CoursingTwo Inch AstronautCan You Please Not Help
2019-02-11 13:02:06Trying to LoveBig UpsTwo Parts Together
2019-02-11 13:10:04Caring Is CreepyThe ShinsOh, Inverted World
2019-02-11 13:12:59Girl On The WingThe ShinsOh, Inverted World
2019-02-11 13:18:24The Past And PendingThe ShinsOh, Inverted World
2019-02-11 13:45:00MoonlightJason AndersonRestless
2019-02-11 13:49:46There Is TimeJason AndersonRestless
2019-02-11 15:21:18Other SideJason AndersonRestless
2019-02-11 15:26:37Lift Me UpJason AndersonRestless
2019-02-11 15:31:26ReasonJason AndersonRestless
2019-02-11 15:36:23How I Have Loved YouJason AndersonRestless
2019-02-11 15:39:55Moonlight (feat. Tracks)Jason AndersonRestless
2019-02-11 15:45:14How I Have Loved You (feat. Tracks)Jason AndersonRestless
2019-02-11 16:15:30A Single TearConvergeThe Dusk In Us
2019-02-11 16:17:45Eye of the QuarrelConvergeThe Dusk In Us
2019-02-11 16:24:58EjectaDeath VesselIsland Intervals
2019-02-11 16:28:42Velvet AntlersDeath VesselIsland Intervals
2019-02-11 16:32:10Triangulated HeartDeath VesselIsland Intervals
2019-02-11 16:35:31Mercury DimeDeath VesselIsland Intervals
2019-02-11 16:40:07Ilsa DrownDeath VesselIsland Intervals
2019-02-11 16:44:12Island VaporsDeath VesselIsland Intervals
2019-02-11 16:48:31We AgreedDeath VesselIsland Intervals
2019-02-11 Perfect SituationWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 Release (2008 Brendan O'Brien Mix)Pearl JamTen (Legacy Edition)
2019-02-11 TokenPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-11 Come BackPearl JamPearl Jam
2019-02-11 Perfect SituationWeezerMake Believe
2019-02-11 I'm So TiredFootingsSpring Tape
2019-02-11 I Know I Don't KnowPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-11 DolphinPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-11 CrankedPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-11 Release (2008 Brendan O'Brien Mix)Pearl JamTen (Legacy Edition)
2019-02-11 MasterPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-12 04:59:33BreakerfallPearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:01:59Gods' DicePearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:04:55EvacuationPearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:10:02Light YearsPearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:15:23Nothing As It SeemsPearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:18:56Thin AirPearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:23:24InsignificancePearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:28:32Of The GirlPearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:31:46GrievancePearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:35:25RivalPearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:40:13Sleight Of HandPearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:41:59Soon ForgetPearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 05:49:49Parting WaysPearl JamBinaural
2019-02-12 07:46:54You Gave Your Love To Me Softly (Weezer Cover)WavvesWEEZER X WAVVES 7" SPLIT RECORD
2019-02-12 07:51:44A Tear for EddieWeenChocolate & Cheese
2019-02-12 07:58:42The Offical Ironmen Rally SongGuided By VoicesUnder The Bushes Under The Stars
2019-02-12 15:38:30Moon AgeDusterStratosphere
2019-02-12 15:41:38Heading For The DoorDusterStratosphere
2019-02-12 15:43:44Gold DustDusterStratosphere
2019-02-12 15:48:45Topical SolutionDusterStratosphere
2019-02-12 15:50:36Docking The PodDusterStratosphere
2019-02-12 15:53:19The LandingDusterStratosphere
2019-02-12 15:57:51Echo, BravoDusterStratosphere
2019-02-12 16:17:24OrbitronDusterTransmission, Flux 7"
2019-02-12 16:17:58Fuzz And TimbreDusterTransmission, Flux 7"
2019-02-12 16:19:40My Friends Are CosmonautsDusterTransmission, Flux 7"
2019-02-12 16:22:30Closer To The Speed Of SoundDusterTransmission, Flux 7"
2019-02-12 16:24:21Stars Will FallDusterTransmission, Flux 7"
2019-02-12 18:09:44Last ExitPearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 18:12:32Spin the Black CirclePearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 18:18:23Not for YouPearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 18:22:34Tremor ChristPearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 18:27:07NothingmanPearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 18:29:40WhippingPearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 18:30:40Pry, ToPearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 18:35:18CorduroyPearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 18:38:02BugsPearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 18:41:27Satan's BedPearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 18:45:54Better ManPearl JamVitalogy (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
2019-02-12 Tracing The GridPedro The LionPhoenix
2019-02-12 Out in the DeepKal MarksLIFE IS MURDER
2019-02-12 WinnebagoFoo FightersBig Me EP
2019-02-12 Piano BenchPedro The LionPhoenix
2019-02-12 Circle KPedro The LionPhoenix
2019-02-12 SunrisePedro The LionPhoenix
2019-02-12 EverlongFoo FightersThe Colour And The Shape [Expanded Edition]
2019-02-12 Model HomesPedro The LionPhoenix
2019-02-12 Black CanyonPedro The LionPhoenix
2019-02-12 Wake UpArcade FireFuneral
2019-02-12 D T C CDoubting Thomas Cruise ControlIncredible Mileage
2019-02-12 Yellow BikePedro The LionPhoenix
2019-02-12 Quietest FriendPedro The LionPhoenix
2019-02-12 Powerful TabooPedro The LionPhoenix
2019-02-12 Clean UpPedro The LionPhoenix
2019-02-12 D T C CDoubting Thomas Cruise ControlIncredible Mileage
2019-02-12 Game Of PricksGuided By VoicesAlien Lanes
2019-02-13 05:19:02SometimesPearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 05:22:43Hail HailPearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 05:26:31Who You ArePearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 05:30:31In My TreePearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 05:34:23SmilePearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 05:40:25Off He GoesPearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 05:44:05HabitPearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 05:48:08Red MosquitoPearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 05:49:11LukinPearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 06:01:09MankindPearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 06:04:03I'm OpenPearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 06:08:38Around The BendPearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 11:16:59Satellite SkinModest MouseNo One's First, And You're Next
2019-02-13 17:22:33The Whale SongModest MouseNo One's First, And You're Next
2019-02-13 Present TensePearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 Release (2008 Brendan O'Brien Mix)Pearl JamTen (Legacy Edition)
2019-02-13 Release (2008 Brendan O'Brien Mix)Pearl JamTen (Legacy Edition)
2019-02-13 Come BackPearl JamPearl Jam
2019-02-13 Present TensePearl JamNo Code
2019-02-13 Come BackPearl JamPearl Jam
2019-02-14 05:36:32Inner MonologuePanda BearBuoys
2019-02-14 05:40:20CrescendoPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-14 05:43:27Home FreePanda BearBuoys
2019-02-14 07:20:54Great GhostsThe MicrophonesLive In Japan: February 19th, 21st & 22nd, 2003
2019-02-14 16:37:31Gonna See My FriendPearl JamBackspacer
2019-02-14 16:40:34Got SomePearl JamBackspacer
2019-02-14 16:43:31The FixerPearl JamBackspacer
2019-02-14 16:46:21Johnny GuitarPearl JamBackspacer
2019-02-14 16:49:56Just BreathePearl JamBackspacer
2019-02-14 16:53:54Amongst the WavesPearl JamBackspacer
2019-02-14 17:25:00Unthought KnownPearl JamBackspacer
2019-02-14 17:27:38SupersonicPearl JamBackspacer
2019-02-14 BuoysPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-14 I Know I Don't KnowPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-14 DolphinPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-14 CrankedPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-14 MasterPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-14 Release (2008 Brendan O'Brien Mix)Pearl JamTen (Legacy Edition)
2019-02-14 TokenPanda BearBuoys
2019-02-15 05:15:13Brain of J.Pearl JamYield
2019-02-15 05:19:31FaithfullPearl JamYield
2019-02-15 05:23:51No WayPearl JamYield
2019-02-15 05:27:52Given To FlyPearl JamYield