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Recording Time Channel Show Episode Title Episode # Lifetime
2019-05-24 21:00:03WE-E (53)Mama June: From Not to HotThe Road to InterventionN/A11h 49m
The cast and crew reveal Mama's mental breakdown and physical deterioration.
2019-05-24 20:00:03TRAVEL-E (23)Paranormal Caught on CameraSea Creatures and UFO SightingsN/A12h 49m
2019-05-24 20:00:03TLC-E (38)90 Day Fiance: What Now?Extended: What Now? How Could You?N/A12h 49m
Extended. Jenny has trouble adjusting to America. Jon reveals what went wrong with his marriage to Fernanda. Tarik confronts his brother, Dean, for judging his relationship with Hazel. Rachel and Jon face the reality of their long distance marriage.
2019-05-23 18:59:03ETV-E (78)Keeping Up With the KardashiansFirst LookN/A1d 13h 50m
A first look at the second half of season 16.
2019-05-22 22:01:03TDC-E (39)Mummies UnwrappedHuman Sacrifice in the SkyN/A2d 10h 48m
The mummies of three Incan children are discovered high atop the Argentinean Andes at a notorious UFO hotspot. Ramy Romany examines the mummies and runs down leads to find out why these children trekked more than a thousand miles to their tragic demise.
2019-05-22 22:00:03TRAVEL-E (23)Paranormal Caught on CameraPennsylvania Shadow Person and MoreN/A2d 10h 49m
A Pennsylvania family is terrorized in their own home by a shadowy entity, a brazen Bigfoot appears in front of a group of shocked witnesses in Oregon and two UFOs put on a show in the skies above Bath, England.
2019-05-21 21:00:04TLC-E (38)Little People, Big WorldIs This The End?N/A3d 11h 49m
Matt faces his most stressful pumpkin season ever as he struggles to run it without Caryn by his side. When Chris gets a tractor lesson from Matt, Amy is forced to accept their growing friendship.
2019-05-21 20:30:03WMUR (9)The Kids Are AlrightIrish GoodbyeN/A3d 12h 19m
In the Season 1 finale, Peggy struggles with Lawrence's decision to move out of the house, especially after she discovers that he is secretly moving in with a girlfriend she's never met. Lawrence's determination to keep Peggy out of his personal life only causes her to investigate further, while Mike welcomes his departure. Meanwhile, Timmy can't find his ventriloquist dummy, Knuckles, and learns that Joey took him without asking.
2019-05-19 21:00:03HALLMARK-E (62)When Calls the HeartHope Is With the HeartN/A5d 11h 49m
Trying to stay on Elizabeth's good side, Lucas sets up a library for the town. Rosemary shares the struggle on her heart. Bill serves as judge in Hope Valley when Jesse sues Gowen.
2019-05-19 20:00:04WMUR (9)American Idol218 (Season Finale)N/A5d 12h 49m
In the Season 2 finale, America's coast-to-coast vote determines the winner, with all voting taking place during the show. The crowning moment will be preceded by special performances from music legends among other surprises.
2019-05-18 21:01:03TLC-E (38)Nate and Jeremiah by DesignThe New ChaletN/A6d 11h 48m
Andy & Shea have been stuck in renovation limbo for almost 8 years. Things are so bad that Shea is in therapy and they have put their marriage on hold.
2019-05-18 13:00:03TRAVEL-E (23)Paranormal Caught on CameraDire Wolf Attack, Dog vs. Ghost, Gollum-Like Cryptid and MoreN/A6d 19h 49m
A dog has a terrifying encounter with a ghost; a Gollum-like creature is seen climbing in an Alpine cave; a prehistoric dire wolf goes on the attack in the woods; and a strange UFO phenomenon is seen globally.
2019-05-14 20:30:03WMUR (9)The Kids Are AlrightWhalesN/A1w 3d 12h 19m
After learning that donations are down at their church, Peggy grows concerned that the cutbacks will affect the nursing home where she is secretly housing a close relative. Mike and Peggy blame the low donations on Father Abdi and disagree with him about how to raise funds. Meanwhile, Joey pet-sits his friend's snake and, in true Joey fashion, uses the snake to his advantage.
2019-05-11 21:01:03TLC-E (38)Nate and Jeremiah by DesignRelaxed GlobalN/A1w 6d 11h 48m
Edgar and Theresa thought they had the American dream when they bought their home, but what they got was the American nightmare: HVAC and mold issues have their kids sleeping on the sofa, while bedrooms remain empty.
2019-05-08 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledDr. BarryN/A2w 2d 12h 19m
The Season 1 finale: After initially trying to sabotage him, CB works with Barry and the JTP to help him win back Lainey's heart. Meanwhile, Glascott faces removal as principal after a prank damages William Penn Academy.
2019-05-08 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsBreakin'N/A2w 2d 12h 49m
The Season 6 finale: Adam lets it slip that Barry never completed his community service requirement, so the brothers join together to throw the greatest breakdancing battle in the history of William Penn. Geoff's stress levels are at an all-time high, so Erica makes an adult decision and plans for them to follow the Grateful Dead all summer. Finally, it's the end of an era when the JTP (The Jenkintown Posse) graduates from high school.
2019-05-07 20:30:03WMUR (9)The Kids Are AlrightMike's AwardN/A2w 3d 12h 19m
Peggy's competitive side kicks in when she learns that Helen's husband's professional accomplishments are getting high recognition, so she decides to get Mike into the limelight. Elsewhere, always seeking glory, Joey acts as Timmy's manager to make sure he performs his magic act at the Pioneer Day Carnival, while Eddie is determined to prove to Frank that the carnival games aren't all rigged.
2019-05-01 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledCB Likes LaineyN/A3w 2d 12h 19m
CB finally gets the courage to tell Lainey that he has feelings for her, but Dr. Barry Goldberg returns, derailing his big romantic reveal. Meanwhile, Glascott discovers that he can't make every teacher like one another after his plan with the school's staff goes awry.
2019-05-01 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsMom Trumps WillowN/A3w 2d 12h 49m
Adam decides to see "Willow" instead of spending Mother's Day with Beverly, so must find a way to get back into her smothering good graces. Meanwhile, Barry is tired of his status as middle child and fights Erica for his right to the college of his choice.
2019-04-30 20:30:03WMUR (9)The Kids Are AlrightTimmy's New HobbyN/A3w 3d 12h 19m
Peggy discovers that Timmy has a newfound and inappropriate hobby and urges Mike to talk to him about it even though he is reluctant to do so. Despite being uncomfortable, Mike attempts to have a conversation with Timmy about the topic and enlists Lawrence's help in the matter. Elsewhere, Frank is determined to finally catch Joey in a lie.
2019-04-16 20:30:03WMUR (9)The Kids Are AlrightMass For Shut-insN/A5w 3d 12h 19m
A concerned Peggy manipulates William into joining the church choir to keep him engaged in Catholicism after learning he's questioning his beliefs. Meanwhile, Timmy learns that the choir will be appearing on television and once again sees his opportunity to make his way into the spotlight. Elsewhere, Eddie and Joey are determined to get a hold of Led Zeppelin tickets but keep missing their chance.
2019-04-10 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledGlascott MascotN/A6w 2d 12h 19m
Lainey and CB encourage a rebellious student radio club until a rogue DJ starts spreading rumors about them. Mellor takes umbrage when Glascott tries to change the school's mascot, so as a result, Mellor tries to get the school on board with a competing mascot.
2019-04-10 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsI Lost on JeopardyN/A6w 2d 12h 49m
Having become obsessed with game shows since leaving college, Erica tries out for "Jeopardy!" Meanwhile, a new crush for Barry comes to light, prompting him to realize he might not be over Lainey.
2019-04-10 02:36:03WMUR (9)The Kids Are AlrightPeggy Drives AwayN/A6w 3d 6h 13m
After a mishap at the grocery store, Peggy storms out of the house without explanation, leaving Mike and the boys wondering which one of them set her off. Meanwhile, Mike thinks he may be the culprit who sent Peggy away for not signing an application for a credit card she wanted, and he enlists Wendi to help find her.
2019-04-03 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledThere's No Fighting in Fight ClubN/A7w 2d 12h 19m
New cheer coach Lainey wants to bring the William Penn cheer team into the competitive competitions of the '90s, but she runs into push-back from Mellor and the football team. Meanwhile, CB and Glascott are at odds on how to help students resolve their problems, so they create a special kind of club.
2019-04-03 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsThis is This is Spinal TapN/A7w 2d 12h 49m
The Dropouts are thrilled when they book a gig at a Flyers charity carnival, and Adam uses the opportunity to make his very first rockumentary. Since Barry doesn't want to miss out on the fun, he forces his way into the band, despite his sister's objections. Meanwhile, Beverly's concerns about Murray's health push him to the limit.
2019-03-26 20:30:03WMUR (9)The Kids Are AlrightLow ExpectationsN/A8w 3d 12h 19m
To fulfill his showbiz dreams, Timmy enters a contest to appear on "The Partridge Family" and takes matters into his own hands when he doesn't hear back. Elsewhere, Peggy takes a driving test in order to get her license, but anxiety sets in and things don't go according to plan. In secret, Peggy tries a few questionable shortcuts to becoming a legally licensed driver, and in the process, drags the Cleary kids into her web of deceit.
2019-03-20 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledDarth MellorN/A9w 2d 12h 19m
Lainey encourages Glascott to trust his niece and let her get her driver's license, only to find Felicia isn't trustworthy. CB and the student "Star Wars" club bring Mellor along to the premiere of "The Phantom Menace," but Mellor's thoughts on the movie cause the club to dissolve.
2019-03-20 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsEight-Bit GoldbergsN/A9w 2d 12h 49m
Adam is thrilled when he has to design his own video game for school, so he turns to his family for inspiration. Meanwhile, Beverly is worried about Pops' gambling and ropes Bill Lewis into her latest scheme.
2019-03-19 20:30:03WMUR (9)The Kids Are AlrightWendi's HouseN/A9w 3d 12h 19m
Mike and Peggy are sympathetic when Wendi's parents split up until Peggy realizes that Wendi's parents left her in the house alone, giving her and Eddie an unsupervised love nest. Elsewhere, Joey goes undercover to enter a cockroach he found in a race at a nearby bar. Meanwhile, Timmy is determined to watch the Jerry Lewis Telethon no matter what obstacles come his way.
2019-03-13 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledLainey and Erica's High School ReunionN/A10w 2d 12h 19m
When her high-school reunion is held at William Penn, Lainey tries to hide her teaching job from old classmates, pulling a "Romy and Michele" lie with the help of Erica Goldberg and CB. Meanwhile, Mellor's distraught to learn his star athlete alum, Ruben Amaro Jr., sees Glascott as more of a mentor than Mellor.
2019-03-13 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsThe Beverly Goldberg CookbookN/A10w 2d 12h 49m
Beverly and Adam team up to do a mother-son cooking show on public access television; and when Barry ruins the one college letter of recommendation he is able to get, Murray must step in to help.
2019-02-27 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledKriss KrossN/A12w 2d 12h 19m
Two students show up to school dressed in backward clothes, a la Kris Kross. Lainey tries to get kids to conform to social norms to protect them from ridicule while CB encourages them to embrace their uniqueness. Meanwhile, Principal Glascott struggles to say no to his teachers and disappointing his friends, so he enlists the help of Mellor to lay down the law.
2019-02-27 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsOur Perfect StrangersN/A12w 2d 12h 49m
Erica, Barry and Adam are not happy when their distant relative Gleb visits from Russia, until they realize he can make their lives so much easier. Meanwhile, Beverly starts working on her cookbook, which causes tension with the Frentas.
2019-02-26 20:30:03WMUR (9)The Kids Are AlrightNine BirthdaysN/A12w 3d 12h 19m
Peggy's knack for reusing wax from old birthday candles to make new ones lures her outside the home for the first time. Her newfound candle-making work takes up more time, prompting Mike to get angry that her focus is straying from the family and the domestic duties. Meanwhile, Timmy is determined to get audience tickets on his birthday for a taping of "Boxcar Billy's Hobo Jamboree" in the hopes of making it on TV.
2019-02-20 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledRock for JocksN/A13w 2d 12h 19m
When Lainey starts to teach the easy A course for jocks, Coach Mellor challenges her to expect more from his athletes. After CB points out Felicia needs to beef up her resume for college, Glascott bribes his niece to run for class president.
2019-02-20 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsThere Can Be Only One Highlander ClubN/A13w 2d 12h 49m
Despite Beverly wanting the two boys to bond, Adam and Johnny Atkins compete for the head of the Highlander Club at school. Meanwhile, Barry tries to keep him and JTP from the same fate of Murray falling out of touch with his high-school friends.
2019-02-13 20:30:04WMUR (9)SchooledMoney for RentN/A14w 2d 12h 19m
Mellor tells Lainey that sports are king at William Penn, which inspires her to put on the Broadway musical "Rent" to show Mellor the arts are just as important as athletics. Meanwhile, Glascott and CB struggle to modernize the school's outdated boy's health education program.
2019-02-13 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsMy Valentine BoyN/A14w 2d 12h 49m
With Geoff's help, Erica and Valley Erica find a new band member to replace Lainey, but Barry convinces Geoff the new band member is trying to steal Erica from him. Meanwhile, Adam and Murray try to out-gift each other so that neither of them has to go to Valentine's Day dinner with Beverly.
2019-01-30 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledI, MellorN/A16w 2d 12h 19m
Coach Mellor is cracking down on cheating, which leads him to take on the failing mathletes for the upcoming Math Olympiad. Meanwhile, Lainey helps CB deal with a challenging student.
2019-01-30 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsMajor League'dN/A16w 2d 12h 49m
Adam is terrified when he and his friends are recruited to the William Penn Academy baseball team, but he quickly catches on to Principal Ball's master plan. A short-sighted Barry is in denial about his pitching skills. Meanwhile, Geoff's dad interferes in his relationship with Erica.
2019-01-23 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledTamagotchis and BellsN/A17w 2d 12h 19m
Lainey and Glascott encounter an overbearing parent and enlist the help of Beverly Goldberg. Mellor realizes he might want to start a family and be a father after CB shows him how to care for confiscated Tamagotchis.
2019-01-22 20:31:03WMUR (9)The Kids Are AlrightMailboxN/A17w 3d 12h 18m
Eddie becomes distraught when Wendi breaks up with him over disagreements on how they want to handle their future. Meanwhile, Mike struggles to address Eddie's heartbreak, and Peggy contemplates whether she has to break up with Wendi too. To complicate things further, Joey convinces Frank to send Wendi a love letter, pleading his case as to why she should be his girlfriend. With Frank's impending humiliation on the horizon, the Cleary boys try to help him retrieve the letter.
2019-01-16 20:30:03WMUR (9)SchooledLainey's All ThatN/A18w 2d 12h 19m
Hoping to gain respect among her colleagues at school, Lainey comes up with a misguided plan to give an awkward and insecure student a full makeover. Meanwhile, Principal Glascott and Coach Mellor take friendly competition to a new level when they are both romantically interested in the math teacher.