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Data Last Updated: 2024-05-23 23:12:50 EDT
Total Releases Unique Artists Unique Labels Unique Formats
1,726 736 494 9

Format Counts

Format Release Count
CD 832
Vinyl 698
Cassette 102
CDr 51
Flexi-disc 48
Box Set 16
DVD 11
Lathe Cut 2
Blu-ray 2

Recently Added Releases

Artist(s) Title Label(s) Date Added
Sunny Day Real EstateDiary - Live At London Bridge StudioSDRE Tours, LLC2024-05-15
Mandy (62)Lawn GirlExploding in Sound Records2024-05-09
Pearl JamDark MatterMonkeywrench Records, Republic Records2024-04-25
VariousGeneration BlueBig Stir Records, Spyderpop Records2024-03-29
The Fire TheftThe Fire TheftThirty Something Records2024-02-13
Rick RudeLaverneMidnight Werewolf Records, Best Brother Records2024-02-12
Fucko (2)Social ClimberMidnight Werewolf Records2024-02-12
PhishRound RoomJemp Records2024-02-03
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardDemos Vol. 5 + Vol. 6The Reverberation Appreciation Society2024-01-26
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive In Chicago '23Official Bootlegger! K.G.L.W., The Reverberation Appreciation Society2024-01-26

Cumulative Releases By Month

Releases Added By Month

Details By Artist

Artist Total Releases CD Count Vinyl Count Cassette Count Other Count
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard4704700
Pearl Jam40162400
Of Montreal36181900
Modest Mouse25131200
Je Suis France2116410
Pile (2)2021620
King Crimson1919000
Joan Of Arc1817100
Hum (2)168710
The Flaming Lips158700
Foo Fighters158700
Elf Power1512300
Masters Of The Hemisphere146710
Built To Spill149600
Sonic Youth139400
Marshmallow Coast138500
Papa M1212000
Still Flyin'127500
Neil Young1111000
The Black Keys1110100
The Apples In Stereo97200
Ghostface Killah98010
I Am The World Trade Center94500
Tiara (2)95400
Sunny Day Real Estate85300
The Microphones88000
Metronome (4)84040
Joy Division77000
The Shins74300
Dressy Bessy75200
Wolfie (3)74300
The Princeton Reverbs Colonial74210
Death Grips70700
Stephen Malkmus64200
Jeremy Enigk66000
Damien Jurado63300
Fat History Month60510
Two Inch Astronaut60510
Kal Marks60600
Washer (2)60600
Jim O'Rourke54100
Kings Of Convenience55000
Ryan Adams53200
John Coltrane52300
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks54100
Mates Of State54100
Green Day53200
The Mendoza Line53200
Crazy Horse55000
Arcade Fire55000
Jason Anderson55100
Great Lakes52300
Rick Rude50410
Wolf Colonel53200
Gritty Kitty52210
My Place In Space51040
Mars Accelerator52300
Rhett & Link50500
Bad History Month50320
New Order44000
Mr. Lif44000
Pink Floyd40400
Quasi (2)43100
Make Believe44000
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals44000
Super XX Man41120
Casper & The Cookies43100
Track Star41300
The Agenda42200
The Mosquitoes44000
Daniel Francia43010
LVL UP40400
Krill (4)40400
Mister Goblin41120
Miles Davis31200
Dinosaur Jr.30300
The Beatles33000
Dashboard Confessional33000
Lightning Bolt32100
Ben Folds Five33000
Ashley Park33000
Kleenex Girl Wonder33000
Welcome (3)32100
The Olivia Tremor Control32100
Eddie Vedder32100
June Of 4430300
Sunshine Fix32100
Rogue Wave33000
The Gerbils32100
Tim Kinsella33000
Silver Scooter32100
Five Style32100
Vince Mole & His Calcium Orchestra30300
Death Vessel30300
The Lil' Hospital30030
Poison Control Center32100
Goose (6)30300
Human Television33000
Ruby Isle31200
Bunny's A Swine30300
Grape Soda32100
Jet By Day33000
Bethlehem Steel30300
Big Ups (2)30300
Grass Is Green31200
The West Section Line31200
Stove (4)30210
Standards (2)30300
The Texas Gentlemen30300
Fond Han30120
Durand Jones & The Indications30300
Stuck (7)30120
Talking Heads22000
Etienne Charry21100
The Strokes22000
Disco Doom20200
Aerial M22000
The Polyphonic Spree22000
The Wee Turtles21100
Iron And Wine22000
The Lucksmiths22000
Call And Response22000
Mike Gordon20200
Animal Collective22000
The Real Tuesday Weld22000
Kitty Craft22000
Space Twins20200
Sugar (5)22000
Neutral Milk Hotel22000
Belle & Sebastian22000
The Decemberists22000
Kurt Cobain21100
The Four Corners21100
The Jesus Lizard20110
Crooked Fingers21200
Wool (2)20200
Birdie (2)22000
Rivers Cuomo22000
Trey Anastasio20200
Mirah (3)22000
Drive Like Jehu20200
Page McConnell20200
Jeff Mangum22000
Babalu (2)21100
Pedro The Lion22000
Preston School Of Industry22000
Dirty Projectors22000
The Fire Theft21100
Paul Banks (2)22000
The Essex Green21100
We Versus The Shark22000
The Promise Ring21100
The M's22000
Paul A. Vittum20020
All Girl Summer Fun Band21100
Dweller On The Threshold20200
Bugs Eat Books21100
Nipples For Days20020
Patience Please21100
Red Pony Clock21100
Cars Can Be Blue21100
Slower Than20110
The Teacups21100
Kissing Book22000
63 Crayons22000
Mikal Cronin20200
The Faintest Ideas21100
The Speaking Canaries20200
Kelly Finnigan20200
Birds Of California21100
Telekinesis (2)20200
Thank God For Astronauts20200
Pants Yell!20110
The Scenic Vermont20200
The Young Sinclairs21100
The National Splits21100
The Kirks20200
Mount Moriah20200
The I Live The Life Of A Movie Star Secret Hideout22000
Dances With Wolves22000
Heavy Blanket20200
JP Schlegelmilch21100
Clearance (2)20110
Honey Radar20200
The Buddy System (4)20200
Paper Lions (3)21100
Tall Friend20110
Fort Vine20200
Water From Your Eyes20110
Shell Of A Shell20110
Shady Bug20110
Thurston Moore11000
My Bloody Valentine11000
Robert Fripp11000
Bundy K. Brown10100
Monster Magnet10100
Mel Collins11000
Henry Rollins11000
Nick Drake11000
Stan Getz10100
Gastr Del Sol11000
Trans Am (2)11000
Jeff Parker10100
The Ladybug Transistor10100
William S. Burroughs11000
Queens Of The Stone Age10100
Life Without Buildings11000
The Beach Boys11000
Agoraphobic Nosebleed10100
Keith John Adams10100
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead11000
Erase Errata10100
Erlend Øye11000
Television Personalities10010
Billy Bragg11000
Guided By Voices10100
Bright Eyes11000
Jeremy Boyle11000
Meat Puppets10100
The Minders11000
The Mountain Goats10100
J Mascis10100
Ciao Bella11000
Hole (2)10100
Deluxx Folk Implosion10100
Eric Matthews10100
Cannibal Corpse10100
Calvin Johnson11000
Love Letter Band10100
Dear Nora11000
Black Sabbath10100
Eric Dolphy11000
Mick Jones10100
Marine Research10100
Ben Kweller10100
Sleeping Flies11000
Fonda (2)10100
Architecture In Helsinki11000
Ned Doheny11000
Redd Kross10100
Brian Wilson11000
The Clientele10100
Les Savy Fav10100
Duster (2)10100
Dave Grohl10100
Panda Bear11000
Papas Fritas10100
Ugly Casanova11000
Love Is All11000
Beat Happening11000
Elliott Smith10100
The Grateful Dead11000
My Dying Bride10100
Arch Enemy10100
Jim Black10100
Charlie Byrd10100
Against Me!11000
Tim Kasher10100
Don Caballero10100
Vince Guaraldi10100
Orange Goblin10100
Doug Martsch11000
Dark Tranquillity10100
The Miles Davis Quintet11000
The Swords Project11000
Joe Christmas10100
Pylon (4)10100
Ben Folds11000
Dan Auerbach11000
Gas Huffer11000
Boris (3)10100
Camper Van Beethoven11000
Strapping Fieldhands10100
Vince Guaraldi Trio10100
Leviathan (5)10100
Asphyx (2)10100
Integrity (2)10100
Tenacious D11000
Shudder To Think10100
Death Cab For Cutie11000
John Vanderslice10100
Jim James11000
Lock Up (2)10100
The Folk Implosion10100
Marbles (2)10100
Heroic Doses11000
Magoo (5)11000
American Football11000
The Iditarod11000
The Mercury Program11000
Son, Ambulance11000
Songs: Ohia11000
Major Organ And The Adding Machine11000
Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't11000
The Late B.P. Helium10100
Circulatory System11000
Ghoul (2)10100
The New Pornographers11000
Jason Molina10100
Church Of Misery10100
The Colorado Symphony Orchestra10100
Calvin, Don't Jump!10100
Brittle Stars11000
King Khan & His Shrines10100
The Maybellines11000
Cattle Decapitation10100
Matt Suggs10100
Garden Variety10100
East River Pipe10100
Christina Rosenvinge11000
31 Knots11000
Billie Joe Armstrong10100
David Bazan10100
Ted Leo / Pharmacists10100
David Cross (2)11000
Julian Casablancas11000
Jakko M. Jakszyk11000
Loney, Dear11000
Andy Gonzales (2)10100
The Eyesores10010
The Autumn Teen Sound10100
Red Stars Theory10100
Destroyer (4)10100
Friend / Enemy11000
Julian Plenti11000
Minus The Bear11000
Misery Index10100
Richard Davies (3)11000
Asobi Seksu11000
Rainer Maria11000
Blue Sky Black Death10100
The Crust Brothers11000
Black Swan Network10100
Peter Bjorn And John11000
Kyle Fischer11000
Phil Wilson (2)10100
Blitzen Trapper11000
The Secret Stars10100
The Pale Horse Riders10100
Discipline (6)11000
Eleanor Friedberger10100
Floor (2)10100
Jungle Rot10100
Toxic Holocaust10100
The Gloria Record10100
Boys Life10010
Hush Harbor11000
So Many Dynamos11000
Gathered In Song11000
Owen (4)10100
Aloha (2)11000
My Dad10100
Men In Fur11000
The Galactic Heroes11000
Mark Mallman11000
Giraffes? Giraffes!10100
Cap'n Jazz10100
Michael Barrett11000
The Pecan Sandies10010
Matthew Pryor10100
The Rosebuds11000
Shiner (5)10100
Reigning Sound10100
Midnight (9)10100
Flink (2)10010
The Frosted Ambassador11000
Arms And Sleepers10100
St. Vincent11000
Eugenius (2)11000
Ra Ra Riot10100
Vampire Weekend11000
Pennsy's Electric Workhorses Songs10100
Chronicle Ape And The New Sound10100
Titans Of Filth11000
Russian Spy Camera11000
Baby Calendar10100
Ideal Free Distribution10100
The Passerines11000
Velcro Stars10100
3-D Croc10010
Zuno Men11000
My First Keyboard10100
Freedom Goose And The New Situationalists10100
Flake Music11000
The Sixth Great Lake11000
The Letter E11000
Plastic Mastery10100
King Tuff10100
Zach Galifianakis10100
The Visitations11000
Black Kids11000
Wye Oak10100
The Dodos10100
True Love Always11000
Trap Them10100
Jonathan Goldberger10100
Béla Fleck & The Flecktones11000
The Smittens10100
Zola Jesus10100
Stardeath And White Dwarfs11000
Marcus D10100
Strand Of Oaks10100
Brilliant Colors11000
The High Water Marks10100
Sonny And The Sunsets10100
King Of Prussia11000
Murder Beach11000
The Drums (2)11000
Pony Bones10010
Cheap Red11000
Kristin Mess10100
Henry H. Owings10100
Mind & Matter11000
Always Red Society10100
Balance And Composure10100
Into It. Over It.10100
SubRosa (3)10100
The Foxes11000
Josh Hodges10100
Audible (3)11000
Adrian Younge11000
Space Pants10100
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down10100
Spider Bags11100
Cloud Nothings10100
The Mynabirds10100
Happy Birthday10100
Prizzy Prizzy Please11000
The Can't See10100
The Twerps (2)11100
The Utensils (2)10100
Porcelain Raft10100
The Boys' Star Library11000
Paul Vittum10010
Odd Future11000
Joyce Manor10100
Centaur (2)11000
Frank Ocean10100
Royal Thunder10100
Dirty Dishes (2)10100
Kong (10)10100
Jacco Gardner10100
Hiss Golden Messenger10100
Painted Palms11000
Graph (4)10100
James Husband10100
Eureka California10100
Spook Houses10100
International Harvesters11000
Joe Fredrick10010
Watery Love10100
The Lost Man10100
Nader Sadek11000
Soldiers Of Fortune (5)10100
Kishi Bashi10100
Miranda Sound10100
The Best Friends Group11000
The Gift Machine11000
The Arthurs11000
Radiator Hospital10100
Yars Revenge11000
Flaherty/Corsano Duo10100
Iron Reagan10100
Nacho Picasso10100
C'est Mortel11000
Speedy Ortiz10100
Shawn Kemp10100
Alarms & Controls11000
Goddard (2)10100
Modern Baseball10100
Mail The Horse10100
Supa (15)10100
Jonathan Rado10100
Psychic Twin10100
Survival Knife10100
Juan Wauters10010
Woozy (2)10100
Stephen Malkmus And Friends10100
Dibiase (3)11000
Tiger Bear Wolf11000
Every House Has A Door11000
New Ruins11000
Wolfheart (3)10100
Diane Coffee10100
Japanese Breakfast10100
Jane Eyre10100
Vertical Scratchers10100
Ex Hex11100
Sink Tapes10100
(New England) Patriots11000
Dust From 1000 Years10010
Kurt Vile & Th' Lovetones10100
Beach Slang10100
Kaleo (3)10100
The Lentils10100
Lost Boy ?10010
Eugene Quell10010
The Sugar Shakers11000
The Tea Heads10100
Mahjongg Hustler10010
Imagene Peise10100
Knox Fortune10100
Skylar Spence10100
A Cosmic Gift10100
The Spirit Of The Beehive10100
Soft Fangs10010
Citizen Dick10100
Post Pink10100
Porches (3)10100
Diet Cig10100
Aaron Frazer10100
Steep Leans11000
People Of America11000
Mattress Financial10010
Blikk Fang10100
Swings (2)10100
Fucko (2)10100
The Ordeals10100
Miranda Winters10100
Toy Cars10100
Jay Som10100
Big Heet10010
Zelig (6)10100
Amber Mark10100
Motel TV10100
Mild High Club10100
J&L Defer10100
Twin Peaks (6)10100
June Gloom10010
Air-Sea Dolphin10100
Petyr (2)10100
Odd Pets10100
Agent Origami10010
The Journals Kept10010
Noname (18)10100
Bueno (10)10100
Old Time Musketry11000
The Masta Cylindaz11000
Jasper's Arm11000
Anna Altman10010
The Cornelius Boots Trio10010
Jackal Onasis10010
Philadelphia Collins10010
Rosemary Hung10010
Slip Disco10010
Spook The Herd10010
The Black Barettes10010
Future Biff10010
Human People10100
Dylan Campbell10100
Soule Monde10100
Pinch Points10100
Rock Solid (4)10010
Nyxy Nyx10010
Lucy Arnell10100
Vermilion Club10100
Dig Nitty10100
Sour Widows10100
Pet Fox10100
Piranha Rama10100
Crooked Torus10100
Jazz Sabbath10100
Knot (5)10100
Tea Time (7)10100
Assertion (3)10100
Smile Machine (2)10010
Souveneer & Friends10100
Dream Widow10100
Taper's Choice10100
James and the Shame10100
Jobber (2)10010
Mandy (62)10100

Details By Label

Label Total Releases CD Count Vinyl Count Cassette Count Other Count
Exploding in Sound Records141591450
Kindercore Records111723810
Polyvinyl Record Company94445100
Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records62312830
Sub Pop54312300
Decibel Flexi Series4604600
Warner Bros. Records3629800
Merge Records25151100
Reprise Records2318500
Geffen Records2117400
Discipline Global Mobile2020000
Jemp Records2002000
Drag City1817100
Up Records (5)1813500
March Records1717000
Nokahoma Records1715200
Roswell Records168800
Too Many Records (2)1501500
Darla Records1414000
Needlejuice Records1401400
Red Carpet Ring146260
Capitol Records1311200
Monkeywrench Records135800
Orange Twin Records1312100
Crush Music (2)1211100
ATO Records1211100
Ernest Jenning Record Co.125610
Not On Label125340
Magic Marker Records1110100
Numero Group116500
Jade Tree98100
Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club88000
Bumblebear Records86200
Chunklet Industries80800
Rx Remedy85300
Broker's Tip Records70700
Interscope Records76100
Republic Records72500
Suicide Squeeze72500
Elephant Six Recording Co.64200
Chunklet Magazine60600
Sophomore Lounge60510
Third Worlds60600
Official Bootlegger! K.G.L.W.60600
Lovely Sorts of Death Records63300
Planting Seeds Records54100
Colemine Records50500
Def Jam Recordings55000
Inner Knot55000
Don't Live Like Me Records50500
Double Double Whammy50500
Earth Analog Records52300
Electronic Watusi Boogaloo55000
Midnight Werewolf Records50500
Hello Sir Records54100
Lost & Lonesome53200
Mythical Recording Co.50500
Record Label55000
spinART Records55000
Touch And Go53110
Lewis Hollow Records44000
Captured Tracks40400
Chocodog Records43100
Dead Oceans40400
Grand Theft Autumn41300
Headhunter Records41300
Lost Highway44000
No Coincidence Records40400
Not On Label (King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Self-released)40400
Outer Battery Records40400
Pax Americana Record Company42200
Secretly Canadian43100
555 Recordings32100
Antenna Farm Records33000
Arena Rock33000
Aural Apothecary Records31200
Bong Load Records31200
Cargo Records31200
Twelve Inch Records31110
Defer Records30300
Definitive Jux33000
Emperor Norton33000
Sony Music31200
Fat Possum Records33000
Lil' Lion Records30030
Load Records32100
London Records33000
Modern Country Records30030
ORG Music30300
Apple Records33000
Peek-A-Boo Records (2)32100
Pink Floyd Records30300
Pitchfork Media30300
Qwest Records33000
Rhino Records (2)32100
Soul Temple Entertainment32010
The Free Label33000
The Reverberation Appreciation Society30300
Third Man Records30300
XL Recordings33100
550 Music22000
Caroline Records22000
Afternoon Records22000
AlmostGold Recordings22000
Asaurus Records22000
Barsuk Records22000
Atlas (3)20200
Prawn Song20200
Best Friends Records20200
Blue Note21100
Brushfire Records22000
Castle Face20200
Chemikal Underground22000
Third Uncle Records20200
Sony Music Commercial Music Group20200
Counter Intuitive Records20200
Darling Music22000
Dead Turtle Recordings20020
Century Media20200
Dirigeable Records22000
Dischord Records22000
Feeding Tube Records20200
Drive-In Records21100
Duck Butter Records20200
East Coast Basements & Bedrooms22000
Inflated Records20200
Shock (2)22000
Fuel 200022000
Future Farmer Recordings22000
Gammon Records22000
Ghost Ramp21100
Gigantic Music22000
Glacial Pace20200
Hidden Agenda Records21100
Hollywood Records22000
Good Records22000
Hub City22000
I.R.S. Records22000
Improved Sequence Records20200
Universal Music Special Markets20200
J Records22000
Jennifer Dog Records20020
Jetset Records22000
Kylie Productions20020
Le Grand Magistery22000
Made In Mexico22000
Martians Go Home!22000
Matinée Recordings22000
Mud Records21100
Narnack Records20200
New West Records20200
NMC Music22000
Not On Label (Metronome (4) Self-released)21010
Not On Label (Pile (2) Self-released)20200
Not On Label (Super XX Man Self-released)20020
Aquarium Drunkard20200
Perishable Records22000
Plain Recordings20200
Pop Up Records22000
Quarterstick Records20200
Restless Records21100
Robin Hood Records20020
Rounder Records22000
Seattle Surf Co.20200
Shelflife Records22000
Slumberland Records21100
Super Electro Sound Recordings20200
Unsatisfied Records20110
TBD Records22000
Ten Club21100
Thrill Jockey22000
Tiger Style22000
Topshelf Records (2)20200
Will Records22000
Vagrant Records22000
Vinyl Me, Please20200
Warner Records20200
We Want Action22000
Yep Roc Records21100
100 Guitar Mania Records10100
Freedom Fortress Preservation Society10100
5 Rue Christine11000
Epic Records Group11000
567 Records11000
A Landfill Full Of Records10100
A Tant Rêver Du Roi10100
Alive Records11000
Allay Records11000
Amazing Grease Records11000
American Fly11000
Amphetamine Reptile Records10100
Anyway Records11000
Apricot Records (2)11000
Army Arms Records10100
Arrowhawk Records10100
Atlantic Records10100
Fire Records11000
Face The Music10100
ATP Recordings10100
Baked Goods Records10100
Beggars Banquet US11000
Best Kept Secret10010
Better Looking Records11000
Big Cat11000
Big Stir Records10100
Spyderpop Records10100
Blood Music (2)10100
Bloodshot Records11000
Bloody Buddies CDs And Road Flares11000
Boiler Room Recordings10100
Broken Clover Records10100
Broken World Media10100
Ranch (2)10100
Albert Ayler's Jukebox Records11000
C/Z Records11000
Canadian Exchange Collection10010
Cat Dead Details Later10100
Chernobyl Media11000
Cherry Red10100
Chocolate River (Deconstruction)10100
Choke Artist10100
Cloud Recordings11000
Clubland Records10100
Communion Label10100
Community Records (3)10100
Concord Bicycle Music11000
Contact Records11000
Cooking Vinyl11000
Corn! Records10100
Craft Recordings10100
Dangerbird Records11000
Dark Beloved Cloud11000
dBpm Records11000
Housecore Records10100
Give Praise Records10100
Magic Bullet Records10100
Decibel Magazine11000
Def Jux11000
Devil In The Woods10100
DGC (2)11000
Lovitt Records11000
Disposable America10010
Trailing Twelve Records10100
Island Records11000
Boompa Records11000
Moonscreen Records10100
Drive-Thru Records11000
Fiddler Records11000
Easy Eye Sound10100
ECA Records11000
Echelon Productions10100
Doubling Cube10100
Elsinor Records11000
Emotional Response (2)11000
Empty Records11000
Enemies List Home Recordings10100
Epic Associated10100
Eremite Records10100
Babe City Records10100
Hex Records10100
Tipp City Records10010
Father/Daughter Records11000
Fickle Fame11000
Fierce Panda11000
Flydaddy Records11000
Flying Nun Records11000
Former Brothers Records10100
Frizzle Fry, INC.10100
Varèse Sarabande11000
Gabe & Lizeth Records10010
Gamer's Edition10100
Gentlemen Records (Norway)10100
Glazed Records10100
Gold Robot Records10100
Goofin' Records10100
Guilt Ridden Pop11000
Gutless Zine10010
Hannibal Records11000
Jonathon Whiskey10100
Harriet Records11000
Cargo Music11000
Hidden Temple Tapes10010
High School Reject Records10100
Highline Records10100
Hit Or Miss10100
Hit Or Miss Records (2)11000
I Eat Records11000
I Had An Accident Records11000
In The Red Recordings10100
Infinite Front11000
Jackpot Records (3)10100
Jonson Family10100
Joyful Noise Recordings11000
Kelle Records11000
Keyed Records10100
Kill Rock Stars10100
Rollerrink Records10100
TweeNet Communications11000
Kittridge Records11000
Lil' Red Wagon10100
Little Army Recordings11000
Little Shirley Beans10100
Lizard Family Music10100
Magic Eye Singles10100
Magic Twig Community11000
Endearing Records (2)11000
Week-End (2)10100
Metal Crash11000
Mexican Summer10100
Best Brother Records10100
Moodswing Records11000
Moshi Moshi Records11000
Must... Destroy!!11000
My Pal God Records10100
Ninja Tune10100
No Sleep Records10100
North Of January11000
Not Happy Records11000
Not On Label (Footings Self-released)10010
Not On Label (Future Biff Self-Released)10010
Not On Label (Milked Self-released)10010
Not On Label (Of Montreal Self-released)10100
Not On Label (Pearl Jam Self-released)10100
Not On Label (Pearl Jam)10100
Not On Label (Rosemary Hung Self-released)10010
Not On Label (Slower Than Self-released)10010
Not On Label (Standards (2) Self-Released)10100
Not On Label (The Black Keys)11000
Not On Label (The Eyesores Self-released)10010
Not On Label (The Lil' Hospital Self-released)10010
Not On Label (The Swords Project Self-released)11000
Not On Label (The Young Sinclairs Self-released)11000
Odd Future Records11000
Ozone Music11000
Thought Wizard Productions11000
P-Vine Records11000
Paper Cup11000
Parasol Records11000
Paris Caramel10100
Passenger (2)11000
Paw Tracks11000
Top Quality Records10100
Epic Soundtrax11000
Post-Parlo Records11000
Cult Records (3)11000
Real Clever Records10100
Real Gone Music10100
Recondite But Cordial Records10100
Reincarnate Music11000
Relapse Records11000
Restless Retro11000
Roadburn Records10100
Room 10 Records11000
Royal Records (4)10100
Rubber Jungle Records10100
SDRE Tours, LLC10100
Sea Note11000
Seattle Sounds11000
Sexual Decade10100
Silver Girl Records10100
Silver Shadow (2)11000
Simple Machines10010
Creation Records11000
Skirl Records10100
Skrocki Records11000
Sleeper Records (2)10010
Smells Like Records10100
Snowglobe Records10100
Soft Abuse11000
Sonic Youth Records11000
Sonovox Records11000
Soule Monde Music10100
Southern Lord10100
Southern Records11000
Spare Me Records11000
Spartan Records (3)10100
Star Trak Entertainment11000
Zomba Records11000
Starks Enterprises11000
Megaforce Records10100
Sugar Free Records11000
Sweaters & Pearls Records10100
Sympathy For The Record Industry10100
Tall Pat Records10100
RED Distribution11000
Team Lizabean10100
Texas Gentlemen Records10100
The Glass Museum10100
The Noise Company10100
The Paper Cities10100
The Telegraph Company10100
Thirty Something Records10100
Ticker Tape Ltd.11000
Hostess Entertainment Unlimited11000
Tim/Kerr Records11000
Time Bomb Recordings11000
Tiny Engines10100
永遠に B O G U S // COLLECTIVE10100
Tooth & Nail Records11000
Troubleman Unlimited11000
Troubleman Solo Singles Series11000
Tupelo Recording Company11000
Two Sheds Music11000
Uncomfortable Chair Co.10100
Uncool Records10100
V2 Records11000
Cooperative Music11000
MTV Music Television11000
Verve Records10100
Voice Of The Sky10100
Warner Bros. Records Inc.10100
Lovely Sorts of Death10100
Weezer Fan Club10100
Western Vinyl11000
Witches Pickle Records10100
Simian Records11000

Full Collection

Artist(s) Title Format(s) Labels Release Year Description
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadSource Tags & CodesCDInterscope Records2002Album
(New England) PatriotsVOL. 1: 8/25/2012 - 01/22/2014CDrNot On Label2014Compilation, Album
1349TornadoFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20147", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single Sided
3-D CrocInfinitesimal Hope: Your Night Your DressCassettePopgun2000Single
31 KnotsTalk Like BloodCDPolyvinyl Record Company2005Album
63 CrayonsSpread The Love EPCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2002Mini-Album
63 CrayonsGood PeopleCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2004Numbered
764-HEROSalt Sinks & Sugar FloatsCDUp Records (5)1996Album
764-HEROHigh School PoetryVinylUp Records (5)19967", 33 ⅓ RPM
764-HEROWe're SolidsCDSuicide Squeeze, Up Records (5)1997EP
764-HEROGet Here And StayCDUp Records (5)1998Album, HDCD
764-HEROWeekends Of SoundCDUp Records (5)2000Album
764-HERONobody Knows This Is EverywhereCDTiger Style2002Album
A Cosmic GiftField NotesVinylToo Many Records (2)2019Album, LP
Aaron FrazerIntroducing...VinylDead Oceans, Easy Eye Sound2021Album, Limited Edition, LP, Club Edition, Numbered
AdenHey 19CDTeenbeat2000Album
Aerial MM Is...CDDrag City1997Single
Aerial MOctoberCDDrag City1998Single
Against Me!New WaveCD, DVDSire2007Album, Special Edition, DVD-Video, NTSC
Agent Origamimaxi-singleCassetteLil' Lion Records1999Maxi-Single
Agoraphobic NosebleedThe Honkey Reduxtion EPFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Single Sided
Alarms & ControlsClovis PointsCDDischord Records, Lovitt Records2013Album
All Girl Summer Fun BandAll Girl Summer Fun BandCDK2001Album
All Girl Summer Fun Band, Cars Can Be BlueHappy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #10VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20097", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Aloha (2)Light WorksCDPolyvinyl Record Company2007EP
Amber MarkUntitledVinylVinyl Me, Please20167", 45 RPM, Single
America-UkThere's A Place / Captain HossVinylEasy!Tiger19977", Limited Edition, Numbered
American FootballAmerican FootballCDPolyvinyl Record Company1999Album
Andy Gonzales (2), Red Pony ClockHappy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #7VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20087", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Animal CollectiveStrawberry JamCDDomino2007Album
Animal CollectiveWater CursesCDDomino2008EP
Anna AltmanFreightlinerCassetteExploding in Sound Records2017Album
Arcade FireFuneralCDMerge Records2004Album
Arcade FireArcade FireCDMerge Records2005EP, Reissue, Remastered
Arcade FireNeon BibleCDMerge Records2007Album
Arcade FireThe SuburbsCDMerge Records2010Album
Arcade FireReflektorCDMerge Records, Sonovox Records2013Album, Limited Edition
Arch EnemyNitadFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20147", 45 RPM, Single Sided
Architecture In HelsinkiLike It Or NotCDPolyvinyl Record Company2008EP
Arms And SleepersThe Organ HeartsVinylToo Many Records (2)2022Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Numbered
Ashley ParkTown And CountryCDKindercore Records2000Album
Ashley ParkThe American SceneCDDarling Music, Kindercore Records2001Album
Ashley ParkThe Secretariat Motor HotelCDDarling Music2003Album
Asobi SeksuHushCDPolyvinyl Record Company2009Album
Asphyx (2)DeathibelFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20167", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Assertion (3)IntermissionVinylSpartan Records (3)2021Album, LP
AtivinModern Gang Reader / LarkinVinylSecretly Canadian19977", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
AtivinGerman WaterCDSecretly Canadian1998Album
AtivinInteriorsCDSecretly Canadian2002Album
Audible (3)Sky SignalCDPolyvinyl Record Company2005Album
Babalu (2)The Ultra Wide Band Meets The Mighty Babalu Pt. 2 CDKindercore Records, Electronic Watusi Boogaloo2002Album
Baby Calendar, FishboyHappy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #1VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20077", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Bad History MonthDead And Loving It: An Introductory Exploration of PessimysticismVinylExploding in Sound Records2017Album, Limited Edition, LP
Bad History MonthOld BluesVinylExploding in Sound Records2020Album, LP
Bad History MonthGod Is LuckVinylExploding in Sound Records2023Album, LP
Bad History Month, Nyxy NyxDeath Takes A HolidayCassetteExploding in Sound Records2021EP
BakedDebtVinylExploding in Sound Records2014Album, Limited Edition, LP
BakedFarnhamVinylExploding in Sound Records2017Album, LP
BakedIICassetteExploding in Sound Records2018EP
BarcelonaSimon BasicCDMarch Records1999Album
BarcelonaStudio Hair GelCDMarch Records2000Single
BarcelonaZeRo-oNe-INFINITYCDMarch Records2000Album
BarcelonaRobot TroubleCDMarch Records2000Single
BarcelonaTranshuman RevolutionCDpulCec2001Album
BaronessYellow & GreenCDRelapse Records2012Album
BaxendaleYou Will Have Your RevengeCDLe Grand Magistery2000Album
Beach SlangSkyway / Old Orchard BeachVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Beat HappeningCrashing ThroughCD, Box SetK2002Compilation, Album, Reissue, Enhanced
BeckGueroCDInterscope Records2005Album
BeckThe InformationCD, DVDInterscope Records2006Album, Limited Edition, DVD-Video
BeckOdelayVinylDGC2016Album, LP, Reissue, Club Edition
BeckMellow GoldCDBong Load Records, DGCUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesLive ArtCDWarner Bros. RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Repress
Belle & SebastianPush Barman To Open Old WoundsCDMatador2005Compilation, Remastered
Belle & SebastianIf You're Feeling SinisterCDMatadorUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
Ben FoldsRockin' The SuburbsCDEpic2001Album, Stereo
Ben Folds FiveBen Folds FiveCDPassenger (2)1996Album, Stereo
Ben Folds FiveWhatever And Ever AmenCD550 Music, Caroline Records, Epic Records Group1997Album, Stereo
Ben Folds FiveThe Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold MessnerCD550 Music, Caroline Records, Epic1999Album
Ben KwellerIt Ain't Christmas Yet VinylThe Noise Company20147", Stereo, Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Record Store Day
Bethlehem SteelParty Naked ForeverVinylExploding in Sound Records2017Album, Limited Edition, LP
Bethlehem SteelBethlehem SteelVinylExploding in Sound Records2019Album, 12"
Bethlehem Steel, Washer (2)Split 7"VinylExploding in Sound Records20187", EP, 45 RPM
Big HeetOn A WireCassetteExploding in Sound Records2017Album
Big Ups (2)Before A Million UniversesVinylExploding in Sound Records2016Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
Big Ups (2)Two Parts TogetherVinylExploding in Sound Records2018Album, LP, 45 RPM
Big Ups (2), Washer (2)HumoursVinylExploding in Sound Records, ECB&B20147", Stereo, 45 RPM
Billie Joe ArmstrongI Think We're Alone NowVinylUncool Records20207", Limited Edition
Billy Bragg, WilcoMermaid Avenue (The Complete Sessions)CD, DVDNonesuch2012Compilation, Album, Reissue, DVD-Video
Bio-WireDisparationCDKindercore Records, Electronic Watusi Boogaloo2000Album
Birdie (2)Some DustyCDKindercore Records2000Album, Reissue, Enhanced
Birdie (2)Triple EchoCDApricot Records (2)2001Album
Birds Of CaliforniaOne And OnlyCDrJigsaw2013Album
Birds Of California, Kristin MessUntitledVinyl555 Recordings20097", 33 ⅓ RPM
Black KidsPartie TraumaticCDAlmostGold Recordings, Columbia2008Album
Black SabbathParanoidVinylWarner Bros. Records2015Album, LP, Repress, Reissue, Club Edition, Special Edition
Black Swan NetworkSingles Club #10VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20007", Limited Edition
BlacklistersAdultCassetteExploding in Sound Records2015EP
BlacklistersLeisure CentreCassetteExploding in Sound Records2022EP
Blikk FangGo To Waste b/w Lead HufferVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Blitzen TrapperBlack River Killer EPCDSub Pop2009EP
BloodbathBeyond Cremation (Underground Mix)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
BloodlossHated In My HouseVinylIn The Red Recordings19957", 45 RPM, Single
Blue Sky Black Death, Nacho PicassoExaltedVinylToo Many Records (2)2020Album, Limited Edition, 12", 45 RPM
BonoboUntitledVinylNinja Tune20167", Club Edition
Boris (3), HeapBig Peach / Noel FordVinylBaked Goods Records20147", 45 RPM
BoyracerHappenstanceCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2004Album
Boyracer, The Faintest IdeasHappy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #4VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20077", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Boys LifeLive In Washington DCCassetteNot On Label2020Album, Limited Edition
BraidI'm Afraid Of EverythingVinylGrand Theft Autumn, Polyvinyl Record Company19967", EP
BraidNiagaraVinylGrand Theft Autumn19977", 45 RPM, Single, Numbered
BraidFirst Day BackVinylPolyvinyl Record Company19977", 45 RPM, Single
BraidCloser To ClosedCDPolyvinyl Record Company2011EP
Braid, Balance And ComposureBraid + Balance + ComposureVinylNo Sleep Records, Polyvinyl Record Company20137", Repress
Brian WilsonWhat I Really Want For ChristmasCDArista2005Album
Bright Eyes, Son, AmbulanceInsound Tour Support Series No. 12CDInsound2000Limited Edition, EP
Brilliant ColorsIntroducingCDSlumberland Records2009Album
Brittle StarsGarage SaleCDShelflife Records2001EP
Bueno (10)Illuminate Your RoomVinylExploding in Sound Records, Babe City Records2016Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
Bugs Eat BooksAt Sixes And SevensVinylBumblebear Records20027", EP, 45 RPM
Bugs Eat BooksGhosts Of LeavesCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2005Album
Built To SpillCar / GirlVinylAtlas (3), Face The Music19947", 45 RPM, Single
Built To SpillThere's Nothing Wrong With LoveCDUp Records (5)1994Album
Built To SpillPerfect From Now OnCDWarner Bros. Records1997Album
Built To SpillKeep It Like A SecretCDWarner Bros. Records1998Album, Promo, Advance
Built To SpillUltimate Alternative WaversCDC/Z Records1998Album, Reissue
Built To SpillLiveCDWarner Bros. Records2000Album
Built To SpillAncient Melodies Of The FutureCDWarner Bros. Records2001Album
Built To SpillYou In ReverseCDWarner Bros. Records2006Album
Built To SpillThere Is No EnemyCDWarner Bros. Records2009Album
Built To SpillWater SleepersVinylWarner Bros. Records20107", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Built To SpillUntethered MoonVinyl, CDWarner Bros. Records2015Album, LP, Record Store Day
Built To Spill Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel JohnstonVinylErnest Jenning Record Co.2020Album, Limited Edition, LP
Built To SpillWhen The Wind Forgets Your NameVinylSub Pop2022Album, Limited Edition, LP
Bundy K. Brown, Joan Of ArcJoan Of Arc - Bundini BrownVinylSixgunlover2004Limited Edition, 12"
Bunny's A SwineLiteral BreakfastVinylThe Glass Museum201012", EP
Bunny's A SwineAll Day, AlrightVinylTinyRadars2011Stereo, LP
Bunny's A SwineCalling OutVinylTinyRadars2013Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Test Pressing
C'est MortelC'est MortelCDTwo Sheds Music2002Album
Call And ResponseCall And ResponseCDEmperor Norton2001Compilation
Call And ResponseCall And ResponseCDKindercore Records2001Album
Calvin JohnsonWhat Was MeCDK2002Album
Calvin, Don't Jump!Singles Club #11VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20007", Limited Edition, Single, Numbered
Camper Van BeethovenCigarettes And Carrot Juice (The Santa Cruz Years)CD, Box SetCooking Vinyl2002Compilation, Album, Reissue
Cannibal CorpseMake Them Suffer (Live)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20137", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
Cap'n JazzAnalphabetapolothologyVinylJade Tree2015Compilation, LP, Repress, Reissue
CarcassZochrotFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20137", 45 RPM, Single Sided
Cars Can Be BlueAll The Stuff We DoCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2005Album
CasiokidsAabenbaringen Over AaskammenCDPolyvinyl Record Company2011Album, Promo, Advance
Casper & The CookiesOh!CDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2003Album
Casper & The CookiesOverly OptimisticCDrHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2006Mini-Album, Limited Edition
Casper & The CookiesThe Optimist's ClubCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2006Album
CathedralVengeance Of The Blind DeadFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20137", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single Sided
Cattle DecapitationCannibalistic InvasivorismFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 45 RPM, Single Sided
Centaur (2)In StreamsCDMartians Go Home!2002Album
CentralsidePriorities VinylToo Many Records (2)2023Album, LP
Cheap RedCheap RedCD555 Recordings2009Album
Chronicle Ape And The New Sound, Freedom Goose And The New SituationalistsA Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: April 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 33 ⅓ RPM
ChuneBig Hat, No CattleCDHeadhunter Records, Cargo Music1996Album
Church Of MiseryConfessions Of An Embittered SoulFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Ciao Bella1CDMarch Records, Endearing Records (2)1997Album
CinemechanicaCinemechanicaVinylArrowhawk Records2016Album, LP
Circulatory SystemCirculatory SystemCDCloud Recordings2001Album
Citizen DickTouch Me I'm DickVinylReal Clever Records20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided, Etched, Record Store Day
Clearance (2)Catalogue Nos.CassetteUnsatisfied Records2014Compilation
Clearance (2)Rapid RewardsVinylTall Pat Records, Unsatisfied Records2015Stereo, LP
ClipseHell Hath No FuryCDStar Trak Entertainment, Zomba Records2006Album, Stereo
Cloud NothingsNow I'm BlindVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
ConcernedApeStardew Valley Original SoundtrackVinylGamer's Edition2017Album, LP, Repress
CormAudio Flame KitCDPolyvinyl Record Company2005Album, Reissue, Remastered
CorneliusFantasmaCDMatador, Trattoria1998Album, Stereo
CretinFourteenFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
Crooked FingersThe Old Temptations b/w Strange BirdsVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Crooked TorusGib's On Fridge b/w Mystic FireVinylBroker's Tip Records20197", Single
Damien JuradoMotorbikeVinylSub Pop19957", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Damien JuradoTrampolineVinylSub Pop19967", EP, 45 RPM, Single
Damien JuradoHalo FriendlyVinylSummershine19977", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Damien JuradoGathered In SongCDMade In Mexico1998EP
Damien JuradoGhost Of DavidCDSub Pop2000Album, Promo
Damien Jurado, Gathered In SongI Break ChairsCDSub Pop2002Album
Dan AuerbachKeep It HidCDV2, Cooperative Music2009Album
Dances With WolvesSouth EastCDrDcBaltimore2002Promo
Dances With WolvesSouth EastCDDcBaltimore2002Album
Daniel FranciaAlone And TogetherCDECB&B2014EP
Daniel FranciaSolo BassCDECB&B2015EP
Daniel FranciaHalf MassedCDEast Coast Basements & Bedrooms2016EP
Daniel FranciaCome Back To LifeCassetteExploding in Sound Records2019Album, Limited Edition
Dark TranquillitySorrow's ArchitectFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series, Century Media20137", Limited Edition, Single Sided
Dashboard ConfessionalThe Swiss Army RomanceCDDrive-Thru Records, Fiddler Records2000Album, Repress
Dashboard ConfessionalThe Places You Have Come To Fear The MostCDVagrant Records2001Album
Dashboard ConfessionalMTV Unplugged v2.0CD, DVDVagrant Records, MTV Music Television2002Album, Stereo, DVD-Video, NTSC
Dave GrohlPlayVinylRoswell Records, RCA201833 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, 12", Single Sided, Etched
David BazanTaster b/w Read My MindVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
David Cross (2)Shut Up, You Fucking Baby!CDSub Pop2002Album, Enhanced
Dear NoraWe'll Have A TimeCDMagic Marker Records2000Album
Death Cab For CutieThe Open Door EPCDAtlantic, Barsuk Records2009EP
Death GripsThe Money StoreVinylEpic2012Album, LP
Death GripsNo Love Deep WebVinylHarvest, Third Worlds2013Album, LP
Death GripsThe Powers That BVinylHarvest, Third Worlds2015Album, LP
Death GripsFashion Week / Interview 2016VinylHarvest, Third Worlds2016Compilation, Album, Limited Edition, 12", LP, EP, Record Store Day
Death GripsBottomless PitVinylHarvest, Third Worlds2016Album, Limited Edition, LP
Death GripsYear Of The SnitchVinylHarvest, Third Worlds2018Album, Limited Edition, LP
Death GripsSteroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix)VinylHarvest, Third Worlds2019Compilation, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
Death VesselStay CloseVinylATP Recordings2007Album, LP
Death VesselNothing Is Precious Enough For UsVinylSub Pop2008Album, LP
Death VesselIsland IntervalsVinylSub Pop2014Album, Limited Edition, LP
DecibullySing Out America!CDPolyvinyl Record Company2005Album
DeerhoofOne More Crime b/w My Husband's Got No Courage In HimVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, Single
Deluxx Folk ImplosionDeluxx Folk ImplosionVinylWitches Pickle Records2016Limited Edition, 12", 45 RPM
Devo, The Black KeysGreetings From Akron Ohio (Home Of Devo & The Black Keys)VinylNonesuch20107", 45 RPM, Single, Promo
Diane Coffee6 As YouVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Dibiase (3)Here Comes ForeverCDEarth Analog Records2011EP
Diet CigSleep Talk / Aaron's FartyVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Dig NittyReverse Of MasteryVinylExploding in Sound Records2020Album, LP
DIIVOshinVinylCaptured Tracks2015Album, LP, Repress, Reissue
DIIVIs The Is AreVinylCaptured Tracks2016Album, Limited Edition, LP, Club Edition
DIIVDeceiverVinylCaptured Tracks2019Album, Limited Edition, LP
DIIVLive At Murmrr TheatreVinylCaptured Tracks2023Album, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
Dinosaur Jr.Bug: Live At The 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, June 2011VinylOuter Battery Records2012Album, Limited Edition, LP
Dinosaur Jr.VisitorsVinyl, Box SetNumero Group2014Compilation, 7", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single, Reissue, Remastered, Record Store Day
Dinosaur Jr.Swedish Fist (Live In Stockholm)VinylCherry Red2020Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
Dirty Dishes (2)GuiltyVinylExploding in Sound Records2015Album, LP
Dirty ProjectorsBitte OrcaCDDomino2010Album, Limited Edition
Dirty ProjectorsSwing Lo MagellanCDDomino2012Album, Limited Edition
Disco DoomNumeralsVinylExploding in Sound Records, Defer Records2014Album, LP
Disco DoomMt. SurrealVinylExploding in Sound Records, Defer Records2022Album, LP
DntelDumb LuckCDSub Pop2007Album, Promo, Advance
Don CaballeroFive Pairs Of Crazy Pants. Wear 'Em: Early Caballero / Look At Them Ellie Mae Wrists Go!: Live Early CaballeroVinylChunklet Magazine2014Limited Edition, LP
Doug MartschNow You KnowCDWarner Bros. Records2002Album
Dream WidowDream WidowVinylRoswell Records, Sony Music, RCA2022Limited Edition, LP, EP, Record Store Day
Dressy BessyPink Hearts Yellow MoonsCDKindercore Records1999Album
Dressy BessyThe California EPCDKindercore Records2000EP
Dressy BessySound Go RoundCDKindercore Records2002Album
Dressy BessyDressy BessyCD, DVDKindercore Records2003Enhanced
Dressy BessyLittle Music (Singles 1997-2002)CDKindercore Records2003Compilation
Dressy BessyLady Liberty / What Is LifeVinylYep Roc Records20157", Limited Edition, Single, Record Store Day
Dressy Bessy, The Four CornersA Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: July 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM
Drive Like JehuYank CrimeVinylCargo Records, Headhunter Records2012Album, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, LP, Repress
Drive Like JehuDrive Like JehuVinylHeadhunter Records2016Album, LP, Repress
DucktailsComfort b/w ExoticaVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Durand Jones & The IndicationsLive Vol. 1VinylColemine Records, Dead Oceans2018Album, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
Durand Jones & The IndicationsYou And MeVinylColemine Records20187", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Durand Jones & The IndicationsAmerican Love CallVinylColemine Records, Dead Oceans2019Album, Limited Edition, LP
Dust From 1000 Years, Bad History MonthFamous CigarettesCassetteExploding in Sound Records2014Stereo
Duster (2)Transmission, FluxVinylUp Records (5)19977", 45 RPM
Dweller On The ThresholdDweller On The ThresholdVinylEnemies List Home Recordings2012Album, Limited Edition, LP
Dweller On The ThresholdVol. IIVinylDon't Live Like Me Records2016Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
Dylan CampbellMagicVinylToo Many Records (2)2020Album, LP
Earthless, Heavy BlanketIn A Dutch HazeVinylOuter Battery Records, Roadburn Records2014Album, Limited Edition, LP
Eddie VedderInto The Wild (Music For The Motion Picture)CDJ Records2007Album
Eddie VedderUkulele SongsCDMonkeywrench Records2011Album
Eddie VedderEarthlingVinylSeattle Surf Co.2022Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Club Edition
EditrixTell Me I'm BadVinylExploding in Sound Records2021Album, LP
EditrixEditrix II: Editrix Goes To HellVinylExploding in Sound Records2022Album, LP
EfterklangKidsVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
El-PFantastic DamageCDDefinitive Jux2002Album
ElekibassWelcome Wonderful WorldCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2006Compilation
ElekibassCaliforniaCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2006Mini-Album, Reissue
Elf PowerThe Winter Hawk EPVinylKindercore Records19967", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Elf PowerWhen The Red King ComesCDArena Rock, Elephant Six Recording Co.1997Album
Elf PowerA Dream In SoundCDArena Rock, Elephant Six Recording Co.1999Album
Elf PowerCome OnCDLittle Army Recordings1999EP
Elf PowerVainly Clutching At Phantom LimbsCDArena Rock2000Reissue
Elf PowerThe Winter Is ComingCDElephant Six Recording Co., Sugar Free Records2000Album
Elf PowerNothing's Going To HappenCDOrange Twin Records2002Album
Elf PowerCreaturesCDspinART Records2002Album
Elf PowerWalking With The Beggar BoysCDOrange Twin Records2004Album
Elf PowerBack To The WebCDRykodisc2006Album
Elf PowerIn A CaveCDRykodisc2008Album, Stereo
Elf PowerElf PowerCDOrange Twin Records2010Album
Elf PowerSunlight On The MoonCDOrange Twin Records2013Album
Elf PowerTwitching In TimeVinylOrange Twin Records2017Album, LP
Elf Power, Great LakesA Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: May 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM
Elliott SmithAlternate Versions From Either/OrVinylKill Rock Stars20137", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, EP, Record Store Day
Eric DolphyOut To Lunch!CDBlue Note1999Album, Reissue, Remastered
Eric MatthewsFanfareVinylSub Pop19967", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Erlend ØyeUnrestCDAstralwerks, Source2003Album
Etienne Charry36 ErreursCDKindercore Records, Tricatel1999Album, HDCD
Etienne Charry, Babalu (2)A Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: August 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM
Eugene QuellI Will Work The Land CassetteExploding in Sound Records, Tipp City Records2015EP
Eugenius (2)OomalamaCDAtlantic, Fire Records1992Album
Eureka CaliforniaWigwamVinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20177", 45 RPM, Numbered
EvokenRotting MiseryFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20127", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single Sided
Ex-BreathersPast TenseVinylExploding in Sound Records, Hex Records2015Album, LP
ExhumedThe Beginning After The EndFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20137", 45 RPM, Single Sided
EyehategodThe Liar's PsalmFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series, Century Media, Housecore Records20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
FablefactoryFowell ByrdVinylUncomfortable Chair Co.19977", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
FablefactoryAmerican CustardCDRed Carpet Ring1999Album
FablefactoryFreak Out Hard On YouCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2002Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
FablefactoryWe Won't Rock YouCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2002Compilation
FarmFarmVinylGuerssen2022Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
Fat History MonthFucking DespairVinylSophomore Lounge2011Album, Limited Edition, LP
Fat History MonthA GorillaVinylSweaters & Pearls Records20117", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Fat History MonthBad History MonthVinylExploding in Sound Records, Sophomore Lounge2013Album, LP
Fat History MonthFucking DespairCassetteExploding in Sound Records2018Album, Reissue
Feist, MastodonFeistodonVinylReprise Records20127", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single, Record Store Day
FigurineThe HeartfeltCDMarch Records2001Album
Five StyleKiki's CookoutVinylSub Pop19957", Single
Five Style5 StyleCDSub Pop1995Album
Five StyleMiniature PortraitsCDSub Pop1999Album
FlaglandLove HardCDEast Coast Basements & Bedrooms, Father/Daughter Records2014Album, Stereo
Flagland, Washer (2)Flagland / Washer Split 7"VinylExploding in Sound Records, ECB&B20157", EP, 45 RPM
Flaherty/Corsano DuoLow Cost Space FlightsVinylFeeding Tube Records2014Limited Edition, LP
Flake MusicWhen You Land Here, It's Time To ReturnCDOmnibus1997Album
Flink (2)Have You Seen Me?CassetteHappy Happy Birthday To Me RecordsUNKNOWNMini-Album
FloatieVoyage OutVinylExploding in Sound Records2021Album, LP
Floor (2)The LadderFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20137", Single Sided
Fond HanSham CloudCassetteExploding in Sound Records2016Album
Fond HanWronkedVinylExploding in Sound Records2018Album, LP
Fonda (2)Summer LandVinylPlanting Seeds Records, Top Quality Records20017", Single
Foo FightersFoo FightersCDCapitol Records, Roswell Records1995Album
Foo FightersBig MeVinylCapitol Records, Roswell Records19967", Stereo, 45 RPM, Single, Special Edition
Foo FightersThere Is Nothing Left To LoseCDRoswell Records, RCA1999Album, Stereo, Enhanced
Foo FightersOne By OneCDRoswell Records, RCA2002Album, Enhanced
Foo FightersSkin And BonesCDRoswell Records, RCA2006Album
Foo FightersEchoes, Silence, Patience & GraceCDRoswell Records, RCA2007Album
Foo FightersWasting LightCDRoswell Records, RCA2011Album
Foo FightersSonic HighwaysVinylRoswell Records, RCA2014Album, LP
Foo FightersLive In Toronto - 1996VinylDOL2015Album, LP, Unofficial Release
Foo FightersSaint Cecilia EPVinylRoswell Records, RCA201633 ⅓ RPM, 12", EP
Foo FightersConcrete And GoldVinylRoswell Records, RCA2017Album, LP, Single Sided, Etched
Foo FightersMedicine At MidnightVinylRCA2021Album, Limited Edition, LP
Foo FightersBut Here We AreVinylRoswell Records, RCA2023Album, LP
Foo FightersIn Your HonorCDRoswell Records, RCAUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
Foo FightersThe Colour And The ShapeCDRoswell Records, Legacy, RCAUNKNOWNAlbum, Remastered
FootingsHigh Tour TapeCassetteNot On Label (Footings Self-released)2015Single
FootingsResolverVinylDon't Live Like Me Records2017Album, LP, 45 RPM
FootingsFootingsVinylDon't Live Like Me Records2018Album, LP, 45 RPM
FootingsAnnihilationVinylDon't Live Like Me Records, Feeding Tube Records, Sophomore Lounge, Trailing Twelve Records2021Album, LP
Fort VineStay MagicalVinylToo Many Records (2)2019Album, Limited Edition, LP, 45 RPM
Fort Vine Primordial Mirror of Cosmic ReflectionVinylToo Many Records (2)2020Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, 12", 45 RPM, Numbered
Frank OceanEndlessVinylBlonded2018Album, LP, Single Sided, Etched, Remastered
Friend / Enemy10 SongsCDPerishable Records2002Album
Fucko (2)Social ClimberVinylMidnight Werewolf Records2019Album, Stereo, LP
FugaziThe ArgumentCDDischord Records2001Album
Garden Variety, ChuneDuel Rectums / SticklerVinylCargo Records, Headhunter Records19957", 45 RPM
Gastr Del SolCamoufleurCDDrag City1998Album
Geronimo!Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol 3 - The Metal David ByrneCassetteExploding in Sound Records2013EP
Geronimo!Cheap TrickVinylExploding in Sound Records2014LP
Geronimo!Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol 4 - Why Did You Leave Me?CassetteExploding in Sound Records2015EP
Ghostface KillahFishscaleCDDef Jam Recordings2006Album
Ghostface KillahMore FishCDDef Jam Recordings2006Album
Ghostface KillahThe Big Doe RehabCDDef Jam Recordings2007Album
Ghostface KillahHidden DartsCDStarks Enterprises2007Compilation, Special Edition
Ghostface KillahGhostdini Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald CityCDDef Jam Recordings2009Album
Ghostface KillahApollo KidsCDDef Jam Recordings2010Album
Ghostface KillahTwelve Reasons To Die CassetteSoul Temple Entertainment2013Album
Ghostface KillahTwelve Reasons To Die "The Brown Tape"CDSoul Temple Entertainment2013Album
Ghostface Killah, Adrian YoungeTwelve Reasons To DieCDSoul Temple Entertainment2013Album, Limited Edition, Deluxe Edition
Ghoul (2)Wall Of DeathFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20167", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Giraffes? Giraffes!Memory LameVinylTopshelf Records (2)2018Album, Limited Edition, LP
GliftedUnder And InCDMartians Go Home!2002Album
GnarwhalShinerboyCassetteExploding in Sound Records2015Album
GnarwhalCrucialVinylExploding in Sound Records2017Album, 12"
Goddard (2)Between The LightsVinylBoiler Room Recordings2018Album, LP
GodfleshF.O.D. (Fuck Of Death)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20137", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
GodfleshF.O.D. (Fuck Of Death)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20137", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
Goose (6)Undecided VinylNo Coincidence Records2022LP, EP, Numbered
Goose (6)DripfieldVinylNo Coincidence Records2022Album, Limited Edition, LP
Goose (6)2022.12.31 Cincinnati, OHVinylNo Coincidence Records2023Album, Limited Edition, 12", Numbered
GrandaddyLaughing StockCDBig Cat1998Single
GrandaddyUnder The Western FreewayCDV2, Will Records1998Album
GrandaddySignal To Snow RatioCDV21999EP
GrandaddyThe Sophtware SlumpCDV22000Album
GrandaddyThrough A Frosty Plate Glass E.P.CDV2 Records, Will Records2001EP, Promo
GrandaddySumdayCDV22003Album, Enhanced
GrandaddyExcerpts From The Diary Of Todd ZillaCDV22005Enhanced
GrandaddyJust Like The Fambly CatCDV22006Album
Grandaddy, VerbenaGrandaddy / VerbenaVinylDevil In The Woods20037", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Numbered
Grape SodaForm A SignCDrKindercore Records2011Album
Grape SodaForm A SignVinylKindercore Records2011LP
Grape SodaSpace MadnessCDrKindercore Records2011EP
Graph (4)Eau-Claire / WolvesVinylTinyRadars20117", 45 RPM
Grass Is GreenRonsonCDExploding in Sound Records2012Album
Grass Is GreenVacation VinnyVinylExploding in Sound Records2014Album, Limited Edition, LP
Great LakesSingles Club #7VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20007", Limited Edition
Great LakesGreat LakesCDKindercore Records2000Album
Great LakesGreat LakesVinylElephant Six Recording Co., Kindercore Records2000Album, LP
Great LakesThe Distance BetweenCDOrange Twin Records2002Compilation
Green Day¡Dos!CDReprise Records2012Album
Green Day¡TRÉ!CDReprise Records2012Album
Green Day¡Uno!CDReprise Records2012Album
Green DayWoodstock 1994VinylReprise Records2019Album, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
Green DayFather Of All MotherfuckersVinylReprise Records2020Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
Gritty KittyMistaking Airplanes For StarsCDKindercore Records1997Album
Gritty KittyStardust And Looser WheelbarrowsCassetteLil' Lion Records1999Maxi-Single
Gritty KittyWhere Did You Find Each Other?CDPlanting Seeds Records2002Album
Gritty Kitty, RugboyPlaceholder 18 / Hunting & Windspeed / Spica / DumpyVinylKindercore Records19967", 33 ⅓ RPM
Gritty Kitty, RugboyPlaceholder 18 / Hunting & Windspeed / Spica / DumpyVinylKindercore Records19967", 33 ⅓ RPM
Guided By VoicesBulldog SkinVinylMatador19977", 45 RPM, Single
GwensSpin TickleVinylKindercore Records19987", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Happy BirthdayShampooVinylSub Pop20107", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
HeadlightsWildlifeCDPolyvinyl Record Company2009Album
Heavy BlanketHeavy BlanketVinylOuter Battery Records2012Album, Limited Edition, LP
HellaHold Your Horse IsCD5 Rue Christine2002Album
Henry H. OwingsMicro​-​Impressions Volume 1VinylChunklet Industries20177"
Heroic DosesHeroic DosesCDSub Pop1998Album
Hole (2)Retard GirlVinylSympathy For The Record Industry19907", 45 RPM, Single
hollAndYour OrgasmCDDarla Records1997Album
Honey RadarGiraffe EPVinylChunklet Industries20157", Limited Edition, EP, Repress, 45 RPM, Single
Honey RadarIgnore The BellsVinylChunklet Industries20167", EP
HoodCold HouseCDAesthetics2001Album
HospitalityTraps And ArrowsVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Hum (2)Fillet ShowCassetteTwelve Inch Records1991Album
Hum (2)SundressVinylMud Records19927", 45 RPM, Single
Hum (2)You'd Prefer An AstronautCDRCA1995Album
Hum (2)You'd Prefer An AstronautVinylTwelve Inch Records1995Album, LP
Hum (2)StarsCDDedicated1995Single
Hum (2)Stars (In The Ascendant) - Empirion RemixesCDDedicated1996Single
Hum (2)The PodCDDedicated1996Single
Hum (2)Comin' Home b/w PuppetsVinylRCA, BMG19977", 45 RPM, Single, Promo
Hum (2)Comin' Home b/w PuppetsVinylRCA, BMG19977", 45 RPM, Single, Promo
Hum (2)Downward Is HeavenwardCDRCA, BMG, Bugjuice1998Album, Stereo, HDCD
Hum (2)Green To MeCDRCA, BMG1998Promo
Hum (2)Puppets / AphidsCDRCA, BMG1998Promo
Hum (2)Downward Is HeavenwardVinylEarth Analog Records2018Album, LP, Reissue, Misprint
Hum (2)InletVinylEarth Analog Records2020Album, LP
Hum (2)Electra 2000VinylEarth Analog Records2023LP, 45 RPM, Reissue, Remastered
Hum (2)Electra 2000CDCargo Records, Twelve Inch RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum
Human PeopleButterflies Drink Turtle TearsVinylExploding in Sound Records2018Album, LP
Human TelevisionOrangeCDSoft Abuse2003Limited Edition, EP
Human TelevisionAll Songs Written By: Human TelevisionCDGigantic Music2004Mini-Album
Human TelevisionLook At Who You're Talking ToCDGigantic Music2006Album
Hush HarborHush HarborCDUp Records (5)1995EP
I Am The World Trade CenterAurora BorealisVinylKindercore Records200112", EP
I Am The World Trade CenterOut Of The LoopCDKindercore Records2001Album
I Am The World Trade CenterThe Tight ConnectionCDKindercore Records2002Album
I Am The World Trade CenterThe Cover UpCDGammon Records2004Album
I Am The World Trade CenterThe Tour E.P.CDGammon Records2004EP
I Am The World Trade CenterHolland TunnelVinylKindercore RecordsUNKNOWN12"
I Am The World Trade Center, JapancakesA Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: March 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM
I Am The World Trade Center, Paper Lions (3)I Am The World Trade Center / Paper LionsVinylEchelon Productions, Doubling CubeUNKNOWN33 ⅓ RPM, 12", EP
I Am The World Trade Center, PhofoI Am The World Trade Center Backed With PhofoVinylLittle Shirley Beans20027"
Ideal Free Distribution, Poison Control CenterHappy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #8VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20087", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Imagene PeiseAtlas Eets ChristmasVinylWarner Bros. Records, Lovely Sorts of Death Records2014Album, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
ImmolationImmolation (2016 Version)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20167", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Integrity (2)Deathly FighterFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20167", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
InterpolTurn On The Bright LightsCDMatador2002Album
InterpolAnticsCDMatador2005Compilation, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Enhanced
InterpolOur Love To AdmireCDCapitol Records2007Album
InterpolEl PintorCDMatador2014Album, Deluxe Edition
InterpolEverything Is WrongVinylMatador20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single, Record Store Day
Into It. Over It.ArsenicVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Iron And WineThe Creek Drank The CradleCDSub Pop2002Album
Iron And WineKiss Each Other CleanCDWarner Bros. Records2011Album
Iron ReaganSpoiled Identity EPFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series, Magic Bullet Records20147", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Single Sided
J MascisFade Into YouVinylSub Pop20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Record Store Day
J&L DeferNo MapVinylExploding in Sound Records, Defer Records2016Album, LP
Jacco GardnerDon't ForgetVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Jackal OnasisBig Deal PartyCassetteExploding in Sound Records2016Album
James and the ShameHuman OverboardVinylRecondite But Cordial Records2023Album, LP
Jane EyreWith Our Thoughts We Make The WorldVinylA Landfill Full Of Records2013Limited Edition, 12"
JapancakesIf I Could See DallasCDKindercore Records1999Album
JapancakesDown The ElementsCDKindercore Records2000EP
JapancakesThe Sleepy StrangeCDKindercore Records2000Album
JapancakesBelmondoCDDarla Records2002Stereo
Japanese Breakfast2042 / Posing In BondageVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, Single
Jason AndersonNew EnglandCDK2004Album, Stereo
Jason AndersonThe WreathCDK2005Album
Jason AndersonTonightCDECA Records2007Album
Jason AndersonThe Hopeful And The UnafraidVinyl, CDK2008LP
Jason Anderson, Wolf ColonelSomething / Everything!CDK2002Album
Jason MolinaNo Moon On The WaterVinylChunklet Magazine20047", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Jasper's ArmIn 1980 Tire Iron's Came In To Use / The Angry Kitten E.P.CDrThe Free Label2001Compilation
Jay SomRadio SilenceVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Jazz SabbathJazz SabbathVinyl, DVDBlacklake2020Album, Limited Edition, LP, Numbered, Record Store Day, Mono, DVD-Video, NTSC
Je Suis FranceJe Suis FranceCDPitch-A-Tent2000Album, Stereo
Je Suis FranceIce Age EPVinylDcBaltimore20027", 33 ⅓ RPM
Je Suis FranceFantastic AreaCDOrange Twin Records2003Album
Je Suis FranceGod's Cake EPCDrNokahoma Records2004EP
Je Suis FranceTittania EPCDrNokahoma Records2004Limited Edition, EP
Je Suis FranceDear President Schwarzenegger...Best Regards, Vice President Stallone EPCDrNokahoma Records2004EP
Je Suis FranceStroking The Storm (Gypsy Blood)CDrNokahoma Records2004EP
Je Suis FrancePro Smell EPCDrNokahoma Records2005EP
Je Suis FranceSA's Stones EPCDrNokahoma Records2005EP
Je Suis FranceForever DudesCDrNokahoma Records2005EP
Je Suis FranceMind ZappaCDrNokahoma Records2005EP, Mini
Je Suis FranceFrancetasy The MixtapeCDrNokahoma Records2006EP
Je Suis FrancePeace Goat EPCDrNokahoma Records2006EP
Je Suis FranceSephardic Negligee EPCDrNokahoma Records2006EP
Je Suis FranceTemperate IceholeVinylNokahoma Records20077"
Je Suis FranceAfrikan MajikCDAntenna Farm Records2007Album
Je Suis FranceLet's Give 'Em Something To Talk AboutVinylNokahoma Records2008Compilation, 12"
Je Suis FranceTouch Of GregCassetteErnest Jenning Record Co.2019Album
Je Suis FranceBack To The Basics Of LoveVinylErnest Jenning Record Co.2019Album, LP
Je Suis FranceDaughter Of The Nile, Son Of My Hammer EPCDrNokahoma RecordsUNKNOWNEP
Je Suis FranceIntense Nuggets EPCDrNokahoma RecordsUNKNOWNEP, Mini
Jeff MangumLive At Jittery Joe'sCDOrange Twin Records2001Enhanced
Jeff MangumOrange Twin Field Works - Volume ICDOrange Twin Records2001Album
Jeff ParkerSlight FreedomVinylEremite Records2016Album, LP
Jeremy BoyleSongs From The Guitar SolosCDSouthern Records1999Album
Jeremy EnigkReturn Of The Frog QueenCDSub Pop1996Album, Stereo
Jeremy EnigkThe End SessionsCDSub Pop1997Promo
Jeremy EnigkWorld WaitsCDLewis Hollow Records, Reincarnate Music2006Album
Jeremy EnigkThe Missing LinkCD567 Records, Lewis Hollow Records2007Album
Jeremy EnigkOK BearCDLewis Hollow Records, Cydonia2009Album
Jeremy EnigkGhostsCDLewis Hollow Records2017Album, Stereo
Jet By DayThe Feedback That Distracts UsCDMoodswing Records2002Album
Jet By DayCascadiaCDKindercore Records2003Album, Enhanced
Jet By DayThe VultureCDFuture Farmer Recordings2005Enhanced
Jim Black, Jonathan Goldberger, JP SchlegelmilchVisitorsVinylSkirl Records2018Album, LP
Jim JamesTribute ToCDATO Records2009EP
Jim O'RourkeBad TimingCDDrag City1997Album
Jim O'RourkeEurekaCDDrag City1999Album
Jim O'RourkeHalfway To A ThreewayCDDrag City1999Maxi-Single
Jim O'RourkeInsignificanceCDDrag City2001Album
Jim O'RourkeSimple SongsVinylDrag City2015Album, LP
JivaroJivarodeliaCDKindercore Records, Electronic Watusi Boogaloo2002Album
Joan Of ArcA Portable Model OfCDJade Tree1997Album
Joan Of ArcHow Memory WorksCDJade Tree1998Album
Joan Of ArcLive In Chicago, 1999CDJade Tree1999Album
Joan Of ArcThe GapCDJade Tree2000Album
Joan Of ArcHow Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More?CDJade Tree2001EP
Joan Of ArcIn Rape Fantasy And Terror Sex We TrustCDPerishable Records2002Album
Joan Of ArcSo Much Staying Alive And LovelessnessCDJade Tree2003Album
Joan Of ArcLive In Muenster, 2003CDRecord Label2004Album
Joan Of ArcJoan Of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain...CDPolyvinyl Record Company2004Album
Joan Of ArcPresents Guitar DuetsCDRecord Label2005Album
Joan Of ArcEventually, All At OnceCDRecord Label2006Album
Joan Of ArcThe Intelligent Design Of Joan Of ArcCDPolyvinyl Record Company2006Compilation, Album
Joan Of ArcOrchard Vale (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)CDRecord Label2007Album
Joan Of ArcBoo! HumanCDPolyvinyl Record Company2008Album
Joan Of ArcLife LikeCDPolyvinyl Record Company2011Album
Joan Of ArcFlowersCDPolyvinyl Record CompanyUNKNOWNAlbum
Joan Of Arc, Every House Has A DoorTestimonium SongsCDPolyvinyl Record Company2013Album, Limited Edition
Jobber (2)Hell In A CellCassetteExploding in Sound Records2022EP
Joe Christmas, KincaidTwo Ways A Thousand Times / Eleanor RooseveltVinylKindercore Records19967", 45 RPM
Joe Fredrick, The Black BarettesA Joint CS w/ The Black Barettes Joe FredrickCassetteRed Carpet Ring2001Album
John ColtraneThe Complete 1961 Village Vanguard RecordingsCD, Box SetImpulse!1997Compilation, Album, Remastered
John ColtraneOne Down, One Up (Live At The Half Note)CDImpulse!2005Album
John ColtraneColtrane's SoundVinylAtlantic, ORG Music2015Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, 45 RPM, Reissue, Numbered
John ColtraneDüsseldorf March 28th 1960VinylDoxy2016Album, Limited Edition, LP, Unofficial Release, Remastered, Numbered
John VandersliceBreak Those CoinsVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Jonathan RadoMr. Bad Guy / The Elephant Song b/w Yahadannyafee / The Simple SongVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Josh HodgesLittle RadioVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Joy DivisionCloserCDQwest Records1989Album, Reissue
Joy DivisionPreston 28 February 1980CDNMC Music1999Album
Joy DivisionSubstanceCDLondon Records1999Compilation, Reissue
Joy DivisionStillCDLondon Records2000Album, Reissue
Joy DivisionThe Complete BBC RecordingsCDFuel 20002000Compilation
Joy DivisionLes Bains Douches 18 December 1979CDNMC Music2001Album
Joy DivisionUnknown PleasuresCDQwest RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Repress, Reissue
Joyce ManorNBTSA / KidVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
JP SchlegelmilchThroughout - The Music Of Bill FrisellCDSteepleChase2013Album
Juan WautersIt's (Not) Only Rock N RollCassetteModern Country Records2010Album, Limited Edition
Julian CasablancasPhrazes For The YoungCDSony Music, RCA, Cult Records (3)2009Album
Julian PlentiIs... SkyscraperCDMatador2009Album
June Gloom, Rock Solid (4)Subletter / Something SolidCassetteExploding in Sound Records2018Album
June Of 44Revisionist: Adaptations And Future Histories In The Time Of Love And SurvivalVinylBroken Clover Records2020Album, LP
June Of 44Engine Takes To The WaterVinylQuarterstick Records2020Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
June Of 44Tropics And MeridiansVinylQuarterstick Records2020Album, Limited Edition, LP, Repress, Reissue
Jungle RotSpeed FreakFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Kal MarksLife Is MurderVinylExploding in Sound Records, Sophomore Lounge, Midnight Werewolf Records2013LP
Kal MarksJust A Lonely FartVinylExploding in Sound Records, Midnight Werewolf Records20147", Limited Edition, EP, 45 RPM
Kal MarksLife Is Alright, Everybody DiesVinylExploding in Sound Records, Midnight Werewolf Records2016Album, LP
Kal MarksUniversal CareVinylExploding in Sound Records2018Album, LP
Kal MarksLet The Shit House Burn DownVinylExploding in Sound Records201912", EP, 45 RPM
Kal MarksMy Name Is HellVinylExploding in Sound Records2022Album, LP
Kaleo (3)No GoodVinylAtlantic, Warner Bros. Records20167", Single Sided, Club Edition, Etched
Keith John Adams, Velcro StarsHappy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #6VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20087", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Kelly FinniganA Joyful SoundVinylColemine Records2020Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
Kelly FinniganThe Tales People Tell (Instrumentals)VinylColemine Records2020Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Numbered, Record Store Day
KincaidCool Jets BabyVinylKindercore Records19967", Test Pressing
KincaidCool Jets BabyVinylKindercore Records19967"
KincaidCool Jets BabyVinylKindercore Records19967", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single
KincaidGood Citizen Of The MonthCDKindercore Records1997Album
KincaidKincaid Plays Super HawaiiCDKindercore Records1999Album
Kincaid, Wolfie (3)A Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: February 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM, Test Pressing
Kincaid, Wolfie (3)A Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: February 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM
King CrimsonB'Boom (Official Bootleg - Live In Argentina)CDDiscipline Global Mobile1995Album
King CrimsonThe Nightwatch (Live At The Amsterdam Concertgebouw November 23rd 1973) CDDiscipline Global Mobile1997Album, Enhanced
King CrimsonEpitaphCD, Box SetDiscipline Global Mobile1997Album
King CrimsonAbsent Lovers (Live In Montreal 1984)CDDiscipline Global Mobile1998Album, Stereo, Enhanced
King CrimsonLadies Of The Road: Live 1971-1972CDDiscipline Global Mobile2002Album, Special Edition
King CrimsonThe Collectable King Crimson Volume One (Live In Mainz, 1974 / Live In Asbury Park, 1974)CDDiscipline Global Mobile2006Compilation, Album, Reissue
King CrimsonThe Great Deceiver: Part Two (Live 1973-1974)CDDiscipline Global Mobile, Panegyric2007Album
King CrimsonThe Collectable King Crimson Volume Three (Live At The Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 1996)CDDiscipline Global Mobile2008Album
King CrimsonEleKtriK (Live In Japan 2003)CDDiscipline Global Mobile, Panegyric2008Album, Reissue
King CrimsonThe Collectable King Crimson Volume Four (Live At Roma, Warsaw, Poland 2000)CDDiscipline Global Mobile, Inner Knot2009Album, Reissue
King CrimsonThe Collectable King Crimson Volume Five (Live In Japan 1995 - The Official Edition)CDDiscipline Global Mobile2010Album, Reissue
King CrimsonLive At The Marquee (August 10, 1971) CDDiscipline Global Mobile2012Album, Club Edition
King CrimsonLive At The OrpheumCD, DVDDiscipline Global Mobile, Inner Knot2015Album, Stereo, DVD-Video, NTSC, DVD-Audio
King CrimsonRadical Action (To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind)CD, Blu-rayDiscipline Global Mobile, Inner Knot, Panegyric2016Album, Stereo, Multichannel
King CrimsonLive In TorontoCDDiscipline Global Mobile2016Album, Unofficial Release, Special Edition
King CrimsonThe Elements (2021 Tour Box)CDDiscipline Global Mobile, Inner Knot, Panegyric2021Compilation
King CrimsonMusic Is Our Friend (Live In Washington And Albany, 2021)CDDiscipline Global Mobile2021Album
King CrimsonThe Great Deceiver: Part One (Live 1973-1974)CDDiscipline Global Mobile, PanegyricUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
King Crimson, Discipline (6)The Collectable King Crimson Volume Two (Live In Bath, 1981 / Live In Philadelphia, 1982)CDDiscipline Global Mobile2007Compilation, Album, Reissue
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardI'm In Your Mind FuzzVinylCastle Face2014Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardPaper Mâché Dream BalloonVinylATO Records, Flightless2015Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardQuarters!VinylCastle Face2015Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardNonagon Infinity VinylATO Records2016Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardFlying Microtonal Banana (Explorations Into Microtonal Tuning Volume 1)VinylATO Records, Flightless2017Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardMurder Of The UniverseVinylATO Records2017Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardPolygondwanalandVinylBlood Music (2)2018Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard12 Bar BruiseVinylFlightless2018Album, Stereo, LP, Reissue
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardWilloughby's BeachVinylFlightless2018Stereo, Limited Edition, 12", EP, 45 RPM, Reissue
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardGumboot SoupVinylFlightless2018Album, Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardOddmentsVinylFlightless2018Album, LP, Reissue
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardFloat Along - Fill Your LungsVinylFlightless2018Album, Stereo, LP, Reissue
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardEyes Like The SkyVinylFlightless2018Album, Stereo, LP, 45 RPM, Reissue
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardFishing For FishiesVinylFlightless2019Album, Stereo, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardInfest The Rats' NestVinylFlightless2019Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardK.G. (Explorations Into Microtonal Tuning Volume 2)VinylFlightless2020Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive In San Francisco '16VinylATO Records2020Album, Stereo, LP, Special Edition, Deluxe Edition
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardChunky ShrapnelVinylATO Records2020LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive At LevitationVinylThe Reverberation Appreciation Society2021Compilation, Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Numbered
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardMusic To Eat Bananas And Kill Bad People To (Too Many Records Selections)VinylToo Many Records (2)2021Compilation, Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardTeenage GizzardVinylNeedlejuice Records2021Compilation, Limited Edition, LP, Remastered
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardButterfly 3000VinylNot On Label (King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Self-released)2021Album, Stereo, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardL​.​W. (Explorations Into Microtonal Tuning Volume 3)VinylNot On Label (King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Self-released)2021Album, Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive In Asheville '19VinylNeedlejuice Records2021Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Live In Brussels '19VinylNeedlejuice Records2021Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive In London '19VinylNeedlejuice Records2021Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardDemos Vol. 1 + Vol. 2VinylNeedlejuice Records2021Album, Stereo, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive In Melbourne '21VinylNeedlejuice Records2021LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive in Adelaide '19VinylNeedlejuice Records, Official Bootlegger! K.G.L.W.2021Limited Edition, LP, Single Sided, Etched
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive In Paris '19VinylNeedlejuice Records, Official Bootlegger! K.G.L.W.2021Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive In Brisbane '21VinylNeedlejuice Records2022LP, Single Sided, Etched
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardButterfly 3001VinylNot On Label (King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Self-released)2022Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive In Sydney '21VinylNeedlejuice Records2022Album, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLaminated DenimVinylNot On Label (King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Self-released)2022Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive In Milwaukee '19VinylNeedlejuice Records, Official Bootlegger! K.G.L.W.2022LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardMade In TimelandVinylATO Records2022Album, Limited Edition, LP, 45 RPM
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardOmnium GatherumVinylKGLW2022Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Numbered
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardChangesVinylKGLW2022Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardIce, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And LavaVinylKGLW2022Album, Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardPetrodragonic Apocalypse; Or, Dawn Of Eternal Night: An Annihilation Of Planet Earth And The Beginning Of Merciless DamnationVinylKGLW2023Album, Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardThe Silver Cord (Extended Mix)VinylKGLW2023Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardDemos Vol. 5 + Vol. 6VinylThe Reverberation Appreciation Society2023Limited Edition, LP, Numbered
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive At Red Rocks '22Vinyl, Box SetNeedlejuice Records2023Limited Edition, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive At Bonnaroo '22Vinyl, Blu-rayNeedlejuice Records, Official Bootlegger! K.G.L.W.2023Stereo, LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardDemos Vol. 3 + Vol. 4VinylNeedlejuice Records, Official Bootlegger! K.G.L.W.2023LP
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardLive In Chicago '23VinylOfficial Bootlegger! K.G.L.W., The Reverberation Appreciation Society2024Limited Edition, LP, Numbered
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, Mild High ClubSketches Of Brunswick EastVinylATO Records2017Album, LP
King Of PrussiaSave The SceneCDKindercore Records2007Album
King Tuff, The LentilsBiggest Hearts / That Sweet DiseaseVinylPitchfork Media20147"
Kings Of ConvenienceKings Of ConvenienceCDKindercore Records2000Album
Kings Of ConvenienceVersusCDAstralwerks2001Compilation
Kings Of ConvenienceDeclaration Of DependenceCDAstralwerks2009Album
Kings Of ConvenienceRiot On An Empty StreetCDAstralwerks, SourceUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
Kings Of ConvenienceQuiet Is The New LoudCDAstralwerks, SourceUNKNOWNAlbum, Repress
KingsauceSingles Club #1VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records19997", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Kishi BashiYoung Bride b/w Annie, Heart Thief Of The SeaVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Kissing BookLines & ColorCDMagic Marker Records1999Album
Kissing BookKissing Book(s)CDMagic Marker Records2001Album
Kitty CraftBeats And Breaks From The Flower PatchCDKindercore Records1999Album
Kitty CraftCatskillsCDMarch Records2000Album
Kleenex Girl WonderPonyoakCDMarch Records1999Album, Stereo
Kleenex Girl WonderWhy I Write Such Good SongsCDMarch Records2000Stereo, EP
Kleenex Girl WonderAfter MathematicsCDMarch Records2002Album, Stereo
Knot (5)KnotVinylExploding in Sound Records2020LP
Knox FortuneUntitledVinylNot On Label20177", 45 RPM, Club Edition
Kong (10)Snake MagnetVinylA Tant Rêver Du Roi2021Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
KreatorEarth Under The SwordFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20167", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Krill (4)Lucky LeavesVinylExploding in Sound Records, Not On Label2013Album, LP, Repress
Krill (4)Steve Hears Pile In Malden And Bursts Into TearsVinylExploding in Sound Records2014EP, 45 RPM, 10"
Krill (4)A Distant Fist UnclenchingVinylExploding in Sound Records, Double Double Whammy2015Limited Edition, LP
Kurt CobainMontage Of Heck: The Home RecordingsVinylUMe2015Album, LP, Deluxe Edition, Mono
Kyle FischerOpen GroundCDPolyvinyl Record Company2002Album
Ladyhawke, Psychic TwinA Love Song / Lose MyselfVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20167", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single, Promo
LambchopNixonCDMerge Records2014Album, Reissue
Lambchop, Wye Oak, Telekinesis (2), HospitalityFA-Q / Inauguration (Super Timeline Version) / Better / SebastianVinylMerge Records20147", Limited Edition
Late!PocketwatchCassetteSimple Machines1992Album
LeaplingVacant PageVinylExploding in Sound Records, Inflated Records2015Limited Edition, LP
LeaplingSuspended AnimationVinylExploding in Sound Records2016Album, 12"
Les Savy FavObsessed With The Excess / Hello Halo, Goodbye GlandsVinylChunklet Magazine20037", Single
Leviathan (5)My WarFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Life Without BuildingsAny Other CityCDDcBaltimore2002Album
Lightning BoltLightning BoltCDLoad Records1999Album
Lightning BoltRide The SkiesVinylLoad Records2001Album, LP, Repress
Lightning BoltWonderful RainbowCDLoad Records2003Album
Lock Up (2)Infinite In Its NothingnessFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series, Give Praise Records20137", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
Loney, DearHall MusicCDPolyvinyl Record Company2011Album, Promo
LooperImpossible ThingsVinylSub Pop19987", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
LooperUp A TreeCDSub Pop1999Album
Lost Boy ?WastedCassetteExploding in Sound Records2014Stereo, Limited Edition, EP
Love Is AllTwo Thousand And Ten InjuriesCDPolyvinyl Record Company2010Album
Love Letter Band, The High Water MarksHappy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #12VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20097", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Lucy Arnell"The Check" b/w "Starfish"VinylBroker's Tip Records20197", 45 RPM
LunchboxLunchboxCDNot Happy Records1996Album, Limited Edition
LunchboxThe Magic Of SoundCDMagic Marker Records1999Album
LunchboxGlow Like There's No TomorrowVinylMagic Marker Records20017", EP
LunchboxEvolverCDMagic Marker Records2002Album
LunchboxSummer's OverCD555 Recordings2002Mini-Album
LunchboxLunchbox Loves YouVinylJigsaw2014Album, LP
LunchboxSmash Hits EPVinylJigsaw20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
LunchboxAfter School SpecialVinylSlumberland Records2020Album, Limited Edition, LP
LVL UPHoodwink'dVinylExploding in Sound Records, Double Double Whammy2014Album, Limited Edition, LP
LVL UPReturn To LoveVinylSub Pop2016Album, Limited Edition, LP
LVL UPSpace BrothersVinylDouble Double Whammy2018Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
Mail The HorseMail The HorseVinylSexual Decade2019Album, LP
Major Organ And The Adding MachineMajor Organ And The Adding MachineCDOrange Twin Records2001Album
Make BelieveMake BelieveCDFlameshovel2004EP
Make BelieveShock Of BeingCDFlameshovel2005Album
Make BelieveOf CourseCDFlameshovel2006Album
Make BelieveGoing To The Bone ChurchCDCoraille2008Album
Mandy (62)Lawn GirlVinylExploding in Sound Records2024Album, LP
ManekaIs You IsCassetteExploding in Sound Records2017EP
ManekaDevinVinylExploding in Sound Records2019Album, LP
Marbles (2), Casper & The CookiesCasper And The Cookies / The MarblesVinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20077", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Marcus DMelancholy HopefulVinylToo Many Records (2)2021Album, LP
Marine Research, Built To SpillBy The Way / Sick & WrongVinylK19997", 45 RPM
Mars AcceleratorI Am The South PoleCDRx Remedy1996Album
Mars AcceleratorTorpor FixVinylRx Remedy19967", 45 RPM
Mars AcceleratorFrankfurt: Telephonics (Color Coding And Directional Signals)CDRx Remedy1998Album
Marshmallow CoastTimesquareCDSpare Me Records1997Album
Marshmallow CoastSingles Club #2VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records19997", Limited Edition
Marshmallow CoastSeniors And JuniorsCDKindercore Records1999Album
Marshmallow CoastMarshmallow CoastingCDKindercore Records2000Album
Marshmallow CoastRide The LightningCDMisra2002Album
Marshmallow CoastAntistarCDMisra2003Album
Marshmallow CoastSay It In SlangCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2006Album
Marshmallow CoastPhreak PhantasyCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2009Album
Marshmallow CoastSeniors & Juniors Strikes BackCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2011Album, Limited Edition
Marshmallow CoastVangelis Rides AgainVinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2015LP
Marshmallow Coast, My First KeyboardA Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: January 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM, Single
Maserati37:29:24CDAllay Records2001Album
MaseratiThe Language Of CitiesCDKindercore Records2002Album
MaseratiTowers Were Wires / Asymetrical ThreatsVinylHello Sir Records20047", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single, Numbered
Masters Of The HemisphereGoing On A Trek To IcelandVinylKindercore Records19977", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single, Test Pressing
Masters Of The HemisphereGoing On A Trek To IcelandVinylKindercore Records19977", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single
Masters Of The HemisphereMasters Of The HemisphereVinylKindercore Records1999LP
Masters Of The HemisphereMasters Of The HemisphereCDKindercore Records1999LP
Masters Of The HemisphereSilence, RaindropsVinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20007", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single
Masters Of The HemisphereI Am Not A FreemdoomVinylKindercore Records2000Album, LP
Masters Of The HemisphereI Am Not A FreemdoomCDKindercore Records2000Album
Masters Of The HemisphereBetter Things / Die Mustapha DieVinylGentlemen Records (Norway)20017"
Masters Of The HemispherePermanent Stranger EPCDDcBaltimore2001EP
Masters Of The HemisphereProtest A Dark AnniversaryCDKindercore Records2002Album
Masters Of The HemisphereLast Show EverCDBumblebear Records2003Album
Masters Of The HemisphereMaybe These Are The BreaksCDKindercore Records, Magic Marker Records2011Album
Masters Of The HemisphereThe Complete Masters Of The HemisphereCassetteModern Country Records2011Compilation, Limited Edition, Reissue
Masters Of The Hemisphere, Papas FritasA Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: October 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM
Mates Of StateMy Solo ProjectCDOmnibus2000Album
Mates Of StateBeehive State / Über LegitimateVinylSnowglobe Records20017", 45 RPM, Single
Mates Of StateOur Constant ConcernCDPolyvinyl Record Company2002Album
Mates Of StateEuropean Tour 2003CDFickle Fame2003EP
Mates Of StateBring It BackCDBarsuk Records2006Album
MathleteLincolnwood TechCDBlackbean And Placenta Tape Club2000Compilation, Album
Matthew PryorI Brought You FlowersVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Mattress Financial, Fond HanPrivate SplitCassetteExploding in Sound Records2014EP
MaxshhBonus FlowersCassetteExploding in Sound Records2021Album
MemoriamSurrounded (By Death) (Demo)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series201645 RPM, Single Sided
Men In FurMen In FurCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2004Album
MetallicaLive At Donington '87VinylBlackened20207", 33 ⅓ RPM, Stereo, Limited Edition, Club Edition, Numbered
MetallicaMotherloadVinylBlackened20207", Stereo, Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Club Edition, Numbered
MetallicaRide The LightningVinylBlackened2021Album, Limited Edition, LP, Repress, Reissue, Remastered
MetallicaTribute To Chris CornellVinylBlackened20217", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Club Edition, Numbered
MetallicaDisappear (Leaked And Live)VinylBlackened20217", Stereo, 45 RPM, Club Edition, Numbered
MetallicaHardwired...To Self-DestructVinylBlackened2021Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
MetallicaMetallicaVinylBlackened2021Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
Metallica...And Justice For AllVinylBlackened2021Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
MetallicaMaster Of PuppetsVinylBlackened2021Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
MetallicaKill 'Em AllVinylBlackened2021Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
Metronome (4)MetronomeCassetteNot On Label (Metronome (4) Self-released)1996Album
Metronome (4)It's A Metronome Xmas!CassetteNot On Label1996Album
Metronome (4)Invisible FriendsCDBlackbean And Placenta Tape Club1997Album
Metronome (4)Lime GreenCassette((tape-tape))1998Album
Metronome (4)New Year's TapeCassetteRobin Hood Records1998Album
Metronome (4)The Two-Eared ManCDBlackbean And Placenta Tape Club2000Album
Metronome (4)The Misfortune Of Living In A Dying EmpireCDrNot On Label (Metronome (4) Self-released)2002Album
Metronome (4), Super XX ManHome: Volume IICDPost-Parlo Records2000Mini-Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
MGMTOracular SpectacularCDColumbia2008Album, Enhanced
Michael BarrettCouches And CarpetCDPlanting Seeds Records2001Album
Midnight (9)Too Loud (For The Crowd)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
Mikal CroninI Don't MindVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Mike GordonOGOGOVinylATO Records2017Album, LP
Mike GordonFlying GamesVinylATO Records2023Album, LP
Miles DavisKind Of BlueCDColumbia, Legacy1997Album, Reissue, Remastered
Miles DavisSorcererVinylColumbia, Sony Music Commercial Music Group2017Album, Stereo, LP, Reissue, Club Edition, Remastered
Miles Davis, John ColtraneThe Final Tour: Paris, March 21, 1960VinylColumbia, Legacy, Sony Music Commercial Music Group, INA2018LP, Reissue, Club Edition, Remastered
MilkedDeath On MarsCassetteExploding in Sound Records2017Album
Milked, Future BiffFuture Biff And MilkedCassetteNot On Label (Future Biff Self-Released), Not On Label (Milked Self-released)2016Album
Mind & Matter1514 Oliver Avenue (Basement)CDNumero Group2013Reissue
MiniBooneMiniBooneCDErnest Jenning Record Co.2013Album
MiniBooneBad SportsCDErnest Jenning Record Co.2015Album
Minus The BearOmniCDDangerbird Records2010Album
Mirah (3)Advisory CommitteeCDK2002Album
Mirah (3)Cold Cold WaterCDK2002Maxi-Single
Miranda WintersAll-PurposeVinylExploding in Sound Records20207", Single
Misery IndexPrimitive FutureFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 45 RPM, Single Sided
Mister GoblinFinal BoyCassetteExploding in Sound Records2018EP
Mister GoblinIs Path WarmCDExploding in Sound Records2019Album
Mister GoblinFour People In An Elevator And One Of Them Is The DevilCassetteExploding in Sound Records2021Album
Mister GoblinBunnyVinylExploding in Sound Records2022Album, LP
Modern BaseballIntersection / Mass Re-DoneVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, Single
Modest MouseBlue Cadet-3, Do You Connect?VinylK19947", 45 RPM
Modest MouseInterstate 8CDUp Records (5)1996EP
Modest MouseA Life Of Arctic SoundsVinylSuicide Squeeze19967", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, Single
Modest MouseBrokeVinylSub Pop19967", 45 RPM, Single
Modest MouseThe Lonesome Crowded WestCDUp Records (5)1997Album, HDCD
Modest MouseBirds Vs. WormsVinylHit Or Miss19977", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, Single
Modest MouseThe Fruit That Ate ItselfCDK1997EP
Modest MouseOther People's LivesVinylUp Records (5)19987", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single, Mispress
Modest MouseBuilding Nothing Out Of SomethingCDUp Records (5)2000Compilation
Modest MouseNight On The SunVinylUp Records (5)200033 ⅓ RPM, 12"
Modest MouseSad Sappy SuckerCDK2001Album
Modest MouseEverywhere And His Nasty Parlour TricksCDEpic2001EP
Modest MouseGood News For People Who Love Bad NewsCDEpic2004Album
Modest MouseBaron Von Bullshit Rides AgainCDEpic2004Remastered
Modest MouseThe Moon & AntarcticaCDEpic2004Album, Reissue, Remastered
Modest MouseWe Were Dead Before The Ship Even SankCDEpic2007Album
Modest MouseNo One's First, And You're NextCDEpic2009EP
Modest MouseLampshades On Fire / CoyotesVinylEpic20157", 45 RPM, Single
Modest MouseStrangers To OurselvesVinylEpic2015Album, LP
Modest MouseNight On The SunVinylGlacial Pace201612", EP, 45 RPM, Misprint
Modest MousePoison The Well b/w I'm Still HereVinylEpic20197", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Record Store Day, Shape
Modest MouseThe Golden CasketVinylEpic2021Album, Limited Edition, LP, Deluxe Edition
Modest MouseThis Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think AboutCDUp Records (5)UNKNOWNAlbum, Repress, Reissue
Modest Mouse, 764-HEROWhenever You See FitCDSuicide Squeeze1998EP
Modest Mouse, 764-HEROWhenever You See FitVinylSuicide Squeeze, Up Records (5)199833 ⅓ RPM, 12"
MogwaiYoung TeamCDJetset Records1997Album
MogwaiNo Education = No Future (Fuck The Curfew) E.P.CDChemikal Underground1998EP
MogwaiEP + 2CDMatador1999EP
MogwaiMy Father My KingCDMatador2001EP, Single
MogwaiMr. BeastCDMatador2006Album, Promo, Advance
MogwaiHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.CDSub Pop2011Album
Mogwai4 Satin EPCDJetset RecordsUNKNOWNEP, Repress
MogwaiCome On Die YoungCDChemikal Underground, MatadorUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
Mogwai, Magoo (5).....Do The Rock Boogaloo ('Sweet Leaf' • 'Black Sabbath')CDFierce Panda1998Single
Monster MagnetDopes To Infinity (Alternative Version)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20147", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Motel TVMy Ice Cream is MeltingVinylCounter Intuitive Records20167", Limited Edition, EP
MothersIt Is A Pleasure To Be Here / Beauty RoutineVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Mount MoriahUntitledVinylMerge Records20157", 45 RPM, Single, White Label
Mr. LifEnters The ColossusCDDef Jux2000EP
Mr. LifLive At The Middle EastCDOzone Music, Thought Wizard Productions2001Album
Mr. LifI PhantomCDDefinitive Jux2002Album
Mr. LifEmergency RationsCDDefinitive JuxUNKNOWNEP, Reissue, Enhanced
MudhoneyInto Your ShtikVinylSuper Electro Sound Recordings19957", Single
MudhoneyGeneration SpokesmodelVinylReprise Records19957", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
MudhoneyNight Of The Hunted b/w Brand New FaceVinylSuper Electro Sound Recordings19987", 45 RPM, Single
MudhoneyMarch To FuzzCDSub Pop2000Compilation
MudhoneyOn Top! (KEXP Presents Mudhoney Live On Top Of The Space Needle)VinylSub Pop2014Album, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
MudhoneyLive At Third Man RecordsVinylThird Man Records2014Album, LP
Mudhoney, Gas HufferYou Stupid Asshole / Knife ManualCDEmpty Records1992Single
Mudhoney, Meat PuppetsWarning / One Of These DaysVinylSub Pop, Megaforce Records20217", 45 RPM, Single, Record Store Day
Mudhoney, Strapping FieldhandsPorn 3VinylAmphetamine Reptile Records19957", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Murder BeachHow Big This IsCDrBumblebear Records2002Album
My Bloody ValentineLovelessCDWarner Bros. Records, Sire, Creation Records1991Album
My Dad, Fat History MonthFat History Month / My Dad SplitVinylBroken World Media, Exploding in Sound Records, Ranch (2)20137"
My Dying BrideHollow CathedraFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
My Place In SpaceMy Place In SpaceCassetteRed Carpet Ring1999Album
My Place In SpaceMy Place In SpaceCassetteKylie Productions1999Album
My Place In SpaceIn Perfect WorldsCassetteRed Carpet Ring2000Album
My Place In SpaceTen Songs From Planet EarthCDrRed Carpet Ring2001Album
My Place In Space, Mahjongg HustlerMahjongg Hustler And My Place In SpaceCassetteDead Turtle RecordingsUNKNOWNAlbum
Nader SadekThe Malefic: Chapter IIICDDecibel Magazine2014EP
NailsAmong The Arches Of Intolerance / In PainFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
Ned DohenySeparate Oceans CDNumero Group2014Compilation, Stereo, Remastered
Neener, Paul A. VittumLynusCassetteRed Carpet RingUNKNOWNAlbum
Neil YoungUnpluggedCDReprise Records1993Album
Neil YoungLive At Massey Hall 1971CDReprise Records2007Album, Stereo, HDCD
Neil YoungSugar Mountain (Live At Canterbury House 1968)CDReprise Records2008Album
Neil YoungDreamin' Man Live '92CDReprise Records2009Album, HDCD
Neil YoungLive At The Cellar DoorCDReprise Records2013Album, HDCD
Neil Young, Crazy HorseEverybody Knows This Is NowhereCDReprise Records1987Album, Reissue
Neil Young, Crazy HorseLive RustCDReprise Records1988Album, Reissue
Neil Young, Crazy HorseZumaCDReprise Records1989Album, Reissue
Neil Young, Crazy HorseLive At The Fillmore EastCD, DVDReprise Records2006Album, DVD-Video, NTSC, HDCD
Neil Young, Crazy HorseRust Never SleepsCDReprise RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
Neil Young, International HarvestersA TreasureCDReprise Records2011Album, HDCD
NeurosisLocust Star (1995 Demo)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20167", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single Sided
Neutral Milk HotelIn The Aeroplane Over The SeaCDMerge Records1998Album
Neutral Milk HotelEverything IsCDOrange Twin Records2001EP
New OrderSubstanceCDLondon Records1999Compilation, Reissue
New OrderBBC Radio 1 Live In ConcertCDFuel 2000, Varèse Sarabande2000Compilation
New OrderGet ReadyCDReprise Records2001Album
New OrderPower, Corruption & LiesCDQwest RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum
New RuinsThis Life Is Not Ours To KeepCDEarth Analog Records2011Album
Nick DrakeFruit TreeCD, Box SetHannibal RecordsUNKNOWNCompilation, Reissue
Nipples For DaysKeyborgasmCassetteKindercore Records, Jennifer Dog Records1996Album
Nipples For DaysSongs For Luke Vol. 2CassetteJennifer Dog RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum
NirvanaSliverCDTupelo Recording Company1991Single
NirvanaSmells Like Teen SpiritVinylDGC, Sub Pop19917", 45 RPM, Single
NirvanaSmells Like Teen SpiritCDDGC, Sub Pop1991Maxi-Single
NirvanaNevermindCDDGC1992Album, Stereo, Club Edition
NirvanaHormoaningCDDGC (2)1992EP, Unofficial Release
NirvanaCome As You AreCDDGC1992Maxi-Single
NirvanaLithiumCDDGC, Sub Pop1992Maxi-Single
NirvanaCome As You AreVinylDGC, Sub Pop19927", 45 RPM, Single
NirvanaSliverCDSilver Shadow (2)1992Unofficial Release, Remastered
NirvanaIn BloomCDGeffen Records1992Stereo, Single
NirvanaAll Apologies / Rape MeCDGeffen Records1993Single
NirvanaHeart-Shaped BoxCDSub Pop, Geffen Records1993Single
NirvanaIn UteroCDDGC, Sub Pop1993Album, Club Edition
NirvanaI Hate Myself And I Want To DieCDMetal Crash1993Repress, Unofficial Release
NirvanaAbout A GirlCDGeffen Records1994Single
NirvanaThe Lost ConcertCDAmerican Fly1994Unofficial Release
NirvanaMTV Unplugged In New YorkCDDGC1994Album
NirvanaSliverVinylSub Pop19947", 45 RPM, Single, Reissue
NirvanaGrunge Is DeadCDSeattle Sounds1994Compilation, Repress, Unofficial Release
NirvanaFrom The Muddy Banks Of The WishkahCDDGC1996Album, Club Edition
NirvanaWith The Lights OutCD, DVD, Box SetDGC2004Compilation, DVD-Video, NTSC
NirvanaLive At ReadingCDDGC2009Album
NirvanaBleachCDSub Pop2009Album, Reissue, Deluxe Edition, Remastered
NirvanaNevermindCDDGC, Sub Pop, UMe2011Album, Reissue, Remastered
Nirvana, The Jesus LizardPuss / Oh, The GuiltCassetteTouch And Go1993Reissue
NoisemDefiledFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20147", 45 RPM, Single Sided
Noname (18)TelefoneVinylVinyl Me, Please2017Limited Edition, LP, Club Edition, Mixtape
OcelotsCD-R EP ClubCDrHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2007EP
Odd FutureThe OF Tape Vol. 2CDOdd Future Records2012Album
Odd PetsAnother Fine MessVinylBroker's Tip Records20177", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Of MontrealThe Bird Who Ate The Rabbit's FlowerCDKindercore Records1997EP
Of MontrealThe Bird Who Continues To Eat The Rabbit's FlowerCDKindercore Records1997EP
Of MontrealThe Bedside Drama: A Petite TragedyCDKindercore Records1998Album
Of MontrealSingles Club #3VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records19997", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single, Numbered
Of MontrealThe Gay ParadeVinylKindercore Records1999Album, 7", LP, 45 RPM
Of MontrealThe Early Four Track RecordingsCDKindercore Records2000EP
Of MontrealHorse & Elephant Eatery (No Elephants Allowed) The Singles & Songles AlbumVinylKindercore Records2000Compilation, LP
Of MontrealCoquelicot Asleep In The Poppies: A Variety Of Whimsical VerseCDKindercore Records2001Album
Of MontrealAldhils ArboretumCDKindercore Records2002Album
Of MontrealSatanic Panic In The AtticCDPolyvinyl Record Company2004Album
Of MontrealThe Sunlandic TwinsCDPolyvinyl Record Company2005Album, EP
Of MontrealHissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?CDPolyvinyl Record Company2007Album
Of MontrealIcons, Abstract TheeCDPolyvinyl Record Company2007EP
Of MontrealIf He Is Protecting Our Nation Then Who Will Protect Big Oil Our Children?CDPolyvinyl Record Company2007Album
Of MontrealGender Mutiny TourVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20077", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Of MontrealSkeletal LampingCDPolyvinyl Record Company2008Album
Of MontrealJon Brion Remix EPCDPolyvinyl Record Company2009EP
Of MontrealFalse PriestCDPolyvinyl Record Company2010Album, Stereo
Of MontrealThe ControllersphereCDPolyvinyl Record Company2011EP
Of MontrealThe Past Is A Grotesque AnimalVinylPolyvinyl Record Company201112", Repress, 45 RPM, Single
Of MontrealParalytic StalksCDPolyvinyl Record Company2012Album
Of MontrealDaughter Of CloudCDPolyvinyl Record Company2012Album
Of MontrealYoung Froth/TaypissVinylNot On Label (Of Montreal Self-released)2013Album, Limited Edition, LP
Of MontrealLousy With SylvianbriarCDPolyvinyl Record Company2013Album
Of MontrealPariah Conscience b/w WidowsuckingVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Of MontrealSnare Lustrous DoomingsVinylPolyvinyl Record Company2015Album, Stereo, LP
Of MontrealAureate GloomVinylPolyvinyl Record Company2015Album, Limited Edition, LP
Of MontrealChinese RocksVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Of MontrealInnocence ReachesVinylPolyvinyl Record Company2016Album, Limited Edition, 12", 45 RPM
Of MontrealRune HuskVinylPolyvinyl Record Company201712", EP, 45 RPM
Of MontrealWhite Is Relic / Irrealis MoodVinylPolyvinyl Record Company2018Album, Limited Edition, LP
Of MontrealUR FunVinyl, Flexi-discPolyvinyl Record Company2020Album, 7", Limited Edition, LP, 45 RPM, Single Sided, Shape
Of Montreal, James HusbandWet Butcher's Fist / A Grave In The GravelVinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20097", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Of Montreal, Marshmallow CoastArchibald Of The Balding SparrowsVinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM
Of Montreal, Marshmallow CoastArchibald Of The Balding SparrowsVinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM
OhioanBalls Deep In BabylonCDInfinite Front2011Album
Old Time MusketryDifferent TimesCDSteepleChase2012Album
OneidaAnthem Of The MoonCDJagjaguwar2001Album
OneidaSecret WarsCDJagjaguwar2003Album
Orange GoblinThe TestFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single Sided
OreboloVolume IVinylNo Coincidence Records2023Album, LP
OvlovAmVinylExploding in Sound Records2013Album, Limited Edition, LP, Numbered
OvlovGreatest Hits Vol. IIVinylExploding in Sound Records2017Compilation, 12"
OvlovTruVinylExploding in Sound Records2018Album, LP
OvlovAmCassetteExploding in Sound Records2018Album
OvlovBudsVinylExploding in Sound Records2021Album, LP, 45 RPM
Owen (4)I'm Expanding My Mind / Settled Down (Stripped Down)VinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
OwlsOwlsCDJade Tree2001Album
OwlsTwoCDPolyvinyl Record Company2014Album
Page McConnellMaybe We’re The VisitorsVinylKeyed Records2021LP
Painted PalmsForeverCDPolyvinyl Record Company2014Album
PalehoundBent Nail EPCDrExploding in Sound Records2013EP
PalehoundKitchenVinylExploding in Sound Records20147", Limited Edition
PalehoundDry FoodVinylExploding in Sound Records2015Album, Limited Edition, LP
PallbearerFear And FuryFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single Sided
PalmTrading BasicsVinylExploding in Sound Records, Inflated Records2015Album, LP
Panda BearPerson PitchCDPaw Tracks2007Album
Pants Yell!Our Horse CallsCassetteBest Kept Secret20037"
Pants Yell!83' In '05VinylThe Paper Cities20057", Single
Papa MLive From A Shark CageCDDrag City1999Album
Papa MWhatever, MortalCDDrag City2001Album
Papa MPapa M SingsCDSea Note2001EP
Papa MThree SongsCDDrag City2002EP, Mini
Papa MSongs Of MacCDWestern Vinyl2002EP
Papa MThreeCDDrag City2003Single
Papa MTwoCDDrag City2003Single
Papa MFourCDDrag City2003Single
Papa MOneCDDrag City2003Single
Papa MSixCDDrag City2004Single
Papa MHole Of Burning AlmsCDDrag City2004Compilation, Promo
Papa M, Christina RosenvingeFiveCDDrag City2004Single
Paper Lions (3)The Symptom And The SickCDKindercore Records2003Album
PasserineThe ProcessionCassetteHidden Temple Tapes2013Album
Passerine50CassetteSophomore LoungeUNKNOWNAlbum
Patience PleaseParallel PlotsCDJigsaw2006EP
Paul A. VittumThe Devil & Me BluesCassetteRobin Hood Records1997Album
Paul Banks (2)Julian Plenti Lives...CDMatador2012Limited Edition, EP, Numbered
Paul Banks (2)BanksCDMatador2012Album
Paul VittumBoo! I'm A GhostCassetteRed Carpet Ring1996Album
PavementRed AsphaltCDBloody Buddies CDs And Road Flares1993Unofficial Release
PavementMajor LeaguesCDMatador1999EP
PavementTerror TwilightCDMatador1999Album
PavementCarrot RopeCDDomino1999Single
PavementCarrot RopeVinylDomino19997", 45 RPM, Single
PavementCarrot RopeCDDomino1999Single
PavementWesting (By Musket And Sextant)CDFlying Nun Records2000Compilation
PavementSlanted & Enchanted: Luxe & ReduxeCDMatador2002Album, Stereo, Reissue, Remastered
PavementCrooked Rain Crooked Rain - L.A.'s Desert OriginsCDMatador2004Album, Reissue
PavementWowee Zowee - Sordid Sentinels EditionVinyl, CDMatador2006Compilation, Album, 7", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Reissue, Remastered
PavementBrighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed.Vinyl, CDMatador2008Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
PavementLive Europaturnén MCMXCVIIVinylMatador2008Album, Limited Edition, LP
PavementTerror Twilight: Farewell HorizontalVinyl, Box SetMatador2022Compilation, Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
Peaches, Henry Rollins, The Flaming Lips, Stardeath And White DwarfsThe Dark Side Of The MoonCDWarner Bros. Records2010Album
Pearl JamThe Fan Club SinglesVinylNot On Label (Pearl Jam)19937", Unofficial Release
Pearl JamVitalogyVinylEpic1994Album, Stereo, LP
Pearl JamNo CodeCDEpic1996Album
Pearl JamYieldCDEpic1998Album
Pearl JamLive On Two LegsCDEpic1998Album, Club Edition, HDCD
Pearl JamBinauralCDEpic2000Album
Pearl JamRiot ActCDEpic2002Album
Pearl JamLost DogsCDEpic2003Compilation, Album
Pearl JamOct. 22, 2003 - Benaroya HallCDTen Club2004Album
Pearl JamPearl JamCDJ Records2006Album, Stereo
Pearl JamLive At The Gorge 05/06CD, Box SetRhino Records (2)2007Limited Edition, Remastered
Pearl JamBackspacerCDMonkeywrench Records2009Album, Enhanced
Pearl JamTenCDEpic, Legacy2009Album, Reissue, Remastered
Pearl JamVsCDEpic, Legacy2011Album, Remastered
Pearl JamVitalogyCDEpic, Legacy2011Album, Reissue, Remastered
Pearl JamLive On Ten LegsCDMonkeywrench Records2011Compilation, Album
Pearl JamTwentyCDColumbia, Monkeywrench Records2011Album
Pearl JamLightning BoltCDMonkeywrench Records, Republic Records2013Album
Pearl JamLet's Play TwoVinylMonkeywrench Records, Republic Records2017Album, LP
Pearl JamLive At The Orpheum Theatre April 12, 1994VinylEpic, Legacy2018Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
Pearl JamMTV UnpluggedVinylEpic, Legacy2019Album, LP, Record Store Day
Pearl JamMissoula 8/29/05VinylMonkeywrench Records2019LP
Pearl JamSeattle 12/8/93VinylMonkeywrench Records2019Stereo, LP
Pearl JamLive At Easy StreetVinylMonkeywrench Records2019Limited Edition, 12", EP, Reissue, Record Store Day
Pearl JamTenVinylEpic Associated2020Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Repress, Reissue
Pearl JamDance Of The ClairvoyantsVinylRepublic Records20207", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single, Single Sided, Etched
Pearl JamGigatonVinylMonkeywrench Records, Republic Records2020Album, LP, Single Sided, Etched
Pearl JamMoline 10/17/14VinylMonkeywrench Records2021Stereo, LP
Pearl JamHunted DownVinylTen Club20217", Stereo, 45 RPM, Single, Club Edition
Pearl JamAliveVinylEpic, Legacy202133 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, 12", Single Sided, Etched, Record Store Day
Pearl JamNo CodeVinylEpic, Legacy2021Album, Stereo, LP, Repress, Reissue, Remastered
Pearl JamRearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991-2003: Volume 1)VinylEpic, Legacy2022Compilation, LP, Reissue
Pearl JamRearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991-2003: Volume 2)VinylEpic, Legacy2022Compilation, LP, Reissue
Pearl JamLive On Two LegsVinylEpic, Legacy2022Album, LP, Reissue, Record Store Day
Pearl JamMoore Theater 1/17/92VinylMonkeywrench Records2022Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
Pearl JamVs.VinylEpic, Legacy2023Album, Stereo, 12", 45 RPM, Reissue, Remastered
Pearl JamYieldVinylEpic, Legacy, Sony Music2023Album, LP, 45 RPM, Reissue, Club Edition, Deluxe Edition
Pearl JamGive WayVinylEpic, Legacy2023Album, LP, Record Store Day
Pearl JamThe Fox Theater 4/03/94VinylNot On Label (Pearl Jam Self-released)2023LP
Pearl JamDark MatterVinylMonkeywrench Records, Republic Records2024Album, Limited Edition, LP
Pedro The LionWhole EPCDTooth & Nail Records1997EP
Pedro The LionIt's Hard To Find A FriendCDMade In Mexico1998Album
Pegasuses-XLCD-R EP ClubCDrHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2007EP
Pennsy's Electric Workhorses SongsFransseVinylSuicide Squeeze19997", 33 ⅓ RPM
PentagramBang It Out (1971 Rehearsal)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 45 RPM, Single Sided
People Of AmericaWe Are FuckedCDrNokahoma Records2004Album, Limited Edition
Pet FoxA Face In Your LifeVinylExploding in Sound Records2022Album, LP
Peter Bjorn And JohnWriter's BlockCDAlmostGold Recordings2007Album
Petyr (2)Emerald EyesVinylOuter Battery Records20187", Limited Edition, Single
Phil Wilson (2), BunnygruntBunnygrunt / Phil WilsonVinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20077", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Philadelphia CollinsDerp Swervin'CassetteExploding in Sound Records2015EP
PhilaryI ComplainCassetteExploding in Sound Records2019Album
PhishBig BoatVinylJemp Records2016Album, Limited Edition, LP
PhishA Live OneVinylJemp Records2017Album, Stereo, LP, Reissue
PhishSigma OasisVinylJemp Records2020Album, Limited Edition, LP
PhishThe Story Of The GhostVinylJemp Records2020Album, Limited Edition, LP
PhishLawn BoyVinylJemp Records2021Album, LP, Repress, Reissue, Single Sided
PhishLP On LP 01: “Ruby Waves” 7/14/19VinylJemp Records2021LP
PhishThe White TapeVinylJemp Records2021Album, LP, Reissue, Remastered
PhishJoyVinylJemp Records2021LP, Special Edition
PhishLP On LP 02: “Waves” 5/26/11VinylJemp Records2021LP
PhishA Picture Of NectarVinylJemp Records2022Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
PhishLP on LP 03: "Tweezer > Prince Caspian" 8/22/15VinylJemp Records2022LP
PhishJuntaVinylJemp Records2023Stereo, LP, Repress, Single Sided, Special Edition
PhishFuegoVinylJemp Records2023LP
PhishRiftVinylJemp Records2023Album, LP, Reissue
PhishHoistVinylJemp Records2023Album, Limited Edition, LP, Repress, Reissue
PhishBilly BreathesVinylJemp Records2023Album, LP, Repress, Reissue, Single Sided
PhishLP on LP 04: "Ghost" 5/22/2000VinylJemp Records2023Stereo, LP
PhishFarmhouseVinylJemp Records20237", Limited Edition, LP, 45 RPM, Reissue, Deluxe Edition, Remastered, Numbered
PhishRound RoomVinylJemp Records2024Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Numbered
PicastroMetal CaresCDPolyvinyl Record Company2005Album
Pile (2)DrippingCDExploding in Sound Records2012Album
Pile (2)DrippingVinylExploding in Sound Records2013Album, LP
Pile (2)Magic Isn't RealVinylNot On Label (Pile (2) Self-released)2013Album, LP, Repress
Pile (2)Special Snowflakes / Mama's LipstickVinylExploding in Sound Records20147", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single
Pile (2)You're Better Than ThisVinylExploding in Sound Records2015Album, Limited Edition, LP
Pile (2)Jerk RoutineVinylExploding in Sound Records2015Album, LP, Reissue
Pile (2)First Other TapeCassetteNot On Label2015Limited Edition
Pile (2)A Hairshirt Of PurposeVinylExploding in Sound Records2017Album, LP
Pile (2)A Hairshirt Of PurposeCDExploding in Sound Records2017Album
Pile (2)Live At Third Man RecordsVinylThird Man Records2017LP
Pile (2)"Odds and Ends"VinylExploding in Sound Records2018Compilation, LP
Pile (2)Green and GrayVinylExploding in Sound Records2019Album, Limited Edition, 12", 45 RPM
Pile (2)Second Other TapeCassetteNot On Label2020LP
Pile (2)DemonstrationVinylImproved Sequence Records2020Album, Limited Edition, LP
Pile (2)In The Corners Of A Sphere-Filled RoomVinylImproved Sequence Records2021Album, Limited Edition, LP
Pile (2)Songs Known Together, AloneVinylExploding in Sound Records2021Album, LP
Pile (2)You're Better Than ThisVinylExploding in Sound Records2022Album, LP, Remastered
Pile (2)Magic Isn't RealVinylNot On Label (Pile (2) Self-released)2022Album, LP, Repress, Remastered
Pile (2)All FictionVinylExploding in Sound Records2023Album, Limited Edition, LP
Pile (2)DrippingVinylExploding in Sound Records2023Album, LP, Repress, Remastered
Pinch PointsProcessVinylExploding in Sound Records, Mistletone2022LP
Pink FloydThe Dark Side Of The MoonVinylCapitol Records1983Album, LP, Reissue
Pink FloydWish You Were HereVinylPink Floyd Records2016Album, Stereo, LP, Reissue, Remastered
Pink FloydThe WallVinylPink Floyd Records2016Album, LP, Reissue, Remastered
Pink FloydAnimalsVinylPink Floyd Records2016Album, Stereo, LP, Reissue, Remastered
Pipes You See, Pipes You Don'tIndividualized ShirtsCDOrange Twin Records2001Album
Piranha RamaBrenda (Breakdown) b/w Cheat SheetVinylBroker's Tip Records20197"
PixiesDoolittleCDElektra, 4AD1989Album, Club Edition
Plastic MasterySingles Club #5VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20007", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
PlexiPart Of Me / Caught UpVinylSub Pop19957", 45 RPM, Single Sided
Poison Control CenterGlory UsCDAfternoon Records2006EP
Poison Control CenterA Collage of ImpressionsCDAfternoon Records2007EP
Pony BonesPony Bones IICassetteExploding in Sound Records2014EP
Porcelain RaftFree FallVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Porches (3)Slow Dance In The CosmosVinylExploding in Sound Records2013Album, LP, 45 RPM
PortastaticBright IdeasCDMerge Records2005Album
Post PinkNo Problem, ProbablyVinylBroker's Tip Records20197", 33 ⅓ RPM, Stereo, EP
Preston School Of IndustryGoodbye To The Edge CityCDAmazing Grease Records2001EP
Preston School Of IndustryAll This Sounds GasCDMatador2001Album
PrewnThrough The WindowCassetteExploding in Sound Records2023Album
PrimusFrizzle FryVinylFrizzle Fry, INC.2015Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
PrimusThe Desaturating SevenVinylATO Records, Prawn Song2017Album, LP
PrimusSuck On ThisVinylPrawn Song2020Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered, Record Store Day
Prizzy Prizzy PleaseChroma CannonCDJoyful Noise Recordings2010Album
ProbotProbotVinylRoswell Records, Southern Lord2018Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
Pylon (4)Gravity b​/​w Weather Radio LiveVinylChunklet Industries20167", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Quasi (2)R&B TransmogrificationCDUp Records (5)1997Album
Quasi (2)Featuring "Birds"CDUp Records (5)1998Album
Quasi (2)Field StudiesCDUp Records (5)1999Album
Quasi (2), Space Pants, Mars AcceleratorQuasi / Mars Accelerator / Space PantsVinylTeam Lizabean20007", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Repress
Queens Of The Stone AgeSongs For The DeafVinylInterscope Records, UMe, Universal Music Special Markets2019Album, LP, Reissue, Club Edition, Deluxe Edition
R.E.M.GreenCDWarner Bros. Records1988Album
R.E.M.Automatic For The PeopleCDWarner Bros. Records1992Album, Club Edition
R.E.M.UpCDWarner Bros. Records1998Album
R.E.M.RevealCDWarner Bros. Records2001Album
R.E.M.Around The SunCDWarner Bros. Records2004Album
R.E.M.AccelerateCDWarner Bros. Records2008Album
R.E.M.Collapse Into NowCDWarner Bros. Records2011Album
R.E.M.Live In GreensboroCDWarner Bros. Records2013Limited Edition, EP, Record Store Day
R.E.M.MonsterCDWarner Bros. RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Repress
R.E.M.Dead Letter OfficeCDI.R.S. RecordsUNKNOWNCompilation, Reissue
R.E.M.DocumentCDI.R.S. RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
R.E.M.New Adventures In Hi-FiCDConcord Bicycle MusicUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
Ra Ra RiotBad Times (Acoustic Version) / You Don't Know A ThingVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Radiator Hospital, LVL UP, Ovlov, Krill (4)Krill / LVL UP / Ovlov / Radiator HospitalVinylExploding in Sound Records, Double Double Whammy20147", 33 ⅓ RPM
RadioheadOK ComputerCDCapitol Records1997Album
RadioheadKid ACDCapitol Records2000Album
RadioheadI Might Be Wrong - Live RecordingsCDCapitol Records2001EP
RadioheadAmnesiacCDCapitol Records2001Album
RadioheadPyramid SongCDParlophone2001Maxi-Single
RadioheadHail To The ThiefCDCapitol Records2003Album
RadioheadIn RainbowsCDTBD Records, RED Distribution2008Album
RadioheadThe King Of LimbsCDTBD Records, Ticker Tape Ltd., XL Recordings, Hostess Entertainment Unlimited2011Album
RadioheadA Moon Shaped PoolVinyl, CDXL Recordings2016Album, LP, Special Edition
Rainer MariaLong Knives DrawnCDPolyvinyl Record Company2003Album
Red Pony ClockGod Made DirtCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2007Album
Red Stars TheoryCastle Rock b/w Slow CurveVinylRx Remedy19957", 45 RPM, Single
Redd Kross, East River Pipe, Reigning Sound, Vertical ScratchersLeave It Where You Found It / Jackie's Favorite / Did The Bank Boys Fool Ya? / Falling Rain (Acoustic)VinylMerge Records20147", Limited Edition
Rhett & LinkRhett & Link Sing Merle: A Tribute To Merle HaggardVinylMythical Recording Co.2019Limited Edition, 12", 45 RPM, Single
Rhett & LinkOn VacationVinylMythical Recording Co.2020Limited Edition, 12", 45 RPM, Single
Rhett & LinkRhett & Link Sing LionelVinylMythical Recording Co.2021Limited Edition, 12", 45 RPM, Single
Rhett & LinkRhett & Link Sing Brooks & Dunn In The Year 3000VinylMythical Recording Co.2022Limited Edition, 12", 45 RPM, Single
Rhett & LinkMy Hair Goes...VinylMythical Recording Co.2023Limited Edition, 12", 45 RPM, Single, Reissue
Richard Davies (3)BarbariansCDKindercore Records2000Album
Rick RudeMind CookVinylCat Dead Details Later20167", 33 ⅓ RPM, Stereo, EP
Rick RudeMake Mine TuesdayVinylSophomore Lounge, TinyRadars2017Album, Stereo, LP
Rick RudeVerb For DreamingCassetteExploding in Sound Records2018Album
Rick RudeVerb For DreamingVinylExploding in Sound Records2018Album, LP
Rick RudeLaverneVinylMidnight Werewolf Records, Best Brother Records2024Album, LP
Rivers CuomoAlone: The Home Recordings Of Rivers CuomoCDGeffen Records2007Album, Stereo
Rivers CuomoAlone II: The Home Recordings Of Rivers CuomoCDDGC, Interscope Records2008Album
Robert Fripp, Mel Collins, Jakko M. JakszykA Scarcity Of Miracles (A King Crimson ProjeKct)CDDiscipline Global Mobile, Inner Knot2011Album, Stereo
Rogue WaveDescended Like VulturesCDSub Pop2005Album
Rogue Wave10:1CDSub Pop2005EP
Rogue WaveAsleep At Heaven's GateCDBrushfire Records2007Album
Rosemary HungRosemary HungCassetteNot On Label (Rosemary Hung Self-released)1996EP
Royal ThunderWhispering World (Acoustic)Flexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20137", Limited Edition, Single Sided
Ruby IsleNight ShotCDKindercore Records2008Album
Ruby Isle, The Buddy System (4)SplitVinylKindercore Records20087"
Ruby Isle, The Buddy System (4)SplitVinylKindercore Records20087"
Russian Spy CameraYou Are A VultureCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2006Album
Ryan AdamsHeartbreakerCDBloodshot Records2000Album
Ryan AdamsGoldCDLost Highway2001Album
Ryan AdamsAshes & FireCDCapitol Records, Pax Americana Record Company2011Album
Ryan AdamsGimme Something GoodVinylBlue Note, Pax Americana Record Company20147", 45 RPM, Single
Ryan AdamsCome Pick Me Up (Alternate Take)VinylPax Americana Record Company20157", 45 RPM, Single, Record Store Day
Ryan Adams & The CardinalsJacksonville City NightsCDLost Highway2005Album
Ryan Adams & The CardinalsCold RosesCDLost Highway2005Album
Ryan Adams & The CardinalsCardinologyCDLost Highway2008Album
Ryan Adams & The CardinalsIII / IVCDPax Americana Record Company2010Album, Stereo
SavioursHot Rails To HellFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Schwervon!Blood Eagle / Wrath Of AngelsVinylBroker's Tip Records20177", 45 RPM, Single
SentridohLosercore / Really InsaneVinylSmells Like Records19937", 45 RPM, Single
SerkaFor When You Are Or Are NotCDHello Sir Records2004EP
Shady BugLemon LimeVinylExploding in Sound Records2019Album, LP
Shady BugWhat's The Use?CassetteExploding in Sound Records2023EP
SharkmuffinGamma GardeningCassetteExploding in Sound Records2019EP
Shawn Kemp, Supa (15)SupasonicVinylToo Many Records (2)2020Album, Limited Edition, LP, Numbered
Shell Of A ShellAlready ThereCassetteExploding in Sound Records2018EP
Shell Of A ShellAway TeamVinylExploding in Sound Records2020Album, LP
ShesusB-Side Radio / Hawaiian Love SongVinylNarnack Records20037"
Shiner (5)Sleep It OffVinylSub Pop19977", 45 RPM
SilkwormQuicksandVinylMy Pal God Records19967", 45 RPM
Silver ScooterThe Other Palm SpringsCDPeek-A-Boo Records (2)1997Album
Silver ScooterThe Blue LawCDPeek-A-Boo Records (2)2001Album
Silver Scooter, Tiara (2)Swingset/Morning ViewVinylVoice Of The Sky19987", 45 RPM
SinaloaFathers And SonsCDChernobyl Media2003Album
Sink TapesMattress CowboysVinylDon't Live Like Me Records20137"
SkiploaderFrom Can Through StringCDGeffen Records1995Album
Skylar SpenceOn The Rhine b/w Staying AwakeVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Sleeping FliesYou Are SuperiorCDKindercore Records, Electronic Watusi Boogaloo2002Album
SlintTweezCDTouch And Go1995Album, Reissue
SlintSpiderlandCDTouch And Go1995Album, Reissue
SlintUntitledCDTouch And Go2014EP, Reissue
SlintBreadcrumb Trail / Good Morning, CaptainVinylTouch And Go2020Limited Edition, 12", EP, 45 RPM, Record Store Day, White Label
Slip DiscoCome ClownCassetteExploding in Sound Records2016EP
Sloshy, Air-Sea DolphinAir​-​Sea Dolphin ​/ ​SloshyLathe CutChunklet Industries, Third Uncle Records20187", Limited Edition
Slower ThanAlice In Slower ThanVinylArmy Arms Records19977", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single
Slower ThanHave You Ever Heard A Smile?CassetteNot On Label (Slower Than Self-released)1998EP
Smile Machine (2)Bye For NowCassetteExploding in Sound Records2021EP
So Many DynamosWhen I ExplodeCDSkrocki Records2004Album
Soft FangsThe LightCassetteExploding in Sound Records, Disposable America2016Album
Soldiers Of Fortune (5)Early RisersVinylMexican Summer2015Album, Limited Edition, LP
Songs: OhiaMi Sei Apparso Come Un FantasmaCDPaper Cup2001Album
Sonic YouthExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No StarCDDGC1994Album, Club Edition
Sonic YouthWashing MachineVinylDGC1995Album, LP
Sonic YouthAnagramaCDSonic Youth Records1997EP
Sonic YouthA Thousand LeavesCDDGC1998Album, Club Edition
Sonic YouthNYC Ghosts & FlowersCDGeffen Records2000Album, Club Edition
Sonic YouthDirtyCDGeffen Records, Chronicles2003Album, Reissue, Deluxe Edition, Remastered
Sonic YouthSonic NurseCDDGC2004Album, Enhanced
Sonic YouthDaydream NationVinyl, Box SetGoofin' Records2007Album, LP, Reissue, Deluxe Edition, Remastered
Sonic YouthThe EternalCDMatador2009Album
Sonic YouthWhores Moaning / Oz '93 Tour EditionVinylGeffen Records201133 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, 12", EP, Reissue, Record Store Day
Sonic YouthMurray StreetCDDGCUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue, Enhanced
Sonic YouthDaydream NationCDDGCUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue, Club Edition
Sonic Youth, Erase ErrataMariah Carey And The Arthur Doyle Handcream / GlitterVinylNarnack Records20037", 33 ⅓ RPM
Sonny And The SunsetsPictures Of You / Rod For Your LoveVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Soule MondeChristmasVinylSoule Monde Music2022Album, Stereo, LP
Sour WidowsCrossing OverVinylExploding in Sound Records202112", EP
Souveneer & FriendsDon’t Call Me A Contra (An Unauthorized Collaborative Reimagining Of Vampire Weekend’s 2010 Sophomore Album)VinylToo Many Records (2)2021Limited Edition, 12"
Space TwinsOsaka AquabusVinylDuck Butter Records19977", 45 RPM
Space TwinsTV, Music & CandyVinylDuck Butter Records19987", Stereo, 45 RPM
Speedy OrtizSportsVinylExploding in Sound Records2013Limited Edition, EP, Repress, 10"
Spook Houses, Fat History MonthSpook Houses / Fat History Month SplitVinylDouble Double Whammy20137"
Spook The HerdThe Small Wins EPCassetteExploding in Sound Records2016EP
Spoon, Matt Suggs, Eleanor Friedberger, Hiss Golden MessengerOpen Your Soul To Me / Waiting To Know You / Rock Holy / This Is My LightVinylMerge Records20147", Limited Edition
SpritesStarling, Spiders, Tiger And SpritesCDMarch Records2003Album
SpritesModern GameplayCDDarla Records2006Album
St. VincentMarry MeCDBeggars Banquet US2007Album, Promo
Stan Getz, Charlie ByrdJazz SambaVinylUniversal Music Special Markets, Verve Records2017Album, Stereo, LP, Reissue, Club Edition
Standards (2)Fruit IslandVinylTopshelf Records (2)2020Limited Edition, LP
Standards (2)"Friends" + StandardsVinylChoke Artist2020Compilation, 12", EP, Repress
Standards (2)Yum!!VinylNot On Label (Standards (2) Self-Released)202112", EP, 45 RPM
StarsNightsongsCDLe Grand Magistery2001Album
Steep LeansGrips on HeatCDGhost Ramp2015Album
StennesEyes Didn't Let Me OpenVinylToo Many Records (2)2022Album, LP
Stephen MalkmusStephen MalkmusCDMatador2001Album
Stephen MalkmusDiscretion GroveCDMatador2001Single
Stephen MalkmusJenny & The Ess-DogCDMatador2001Single
Stephen MalkmusFace The TruthCDSpunk2005Album
Stephen MalkmusGroove DeniedVinylMatador2019Album, LP
Stephen MalkmusTraditional TechniquesVinylMatador2020Album, Limited Edition, LP, Deluxe Edition, Numbered
Stephen Malkmus & The JicksPig LibCDMatador2003Album, Limited Edition
Stephen Malkmus & The JicksReal Emotional TrashCDMatador2008Album
Stephen Malkmus & The JicksMirror TrafficCDMatador2011Album
Stephen Malkmus & The JicksWig Out At JagbagsCDMatador2014Album
Stephen Malkmus & The JicksSparkle HardVinylMatador2018Album, LP
Stephen Malkmus And FriendsCan's Ege BamyasiVinylMatador, Week-End (2)2013Album, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
StewardI Was The Only Boy On The Netball Team (Remixes And Remixed)CDBlackbean And Placenta Tape Club1999Album
StewardBang! There Goes My YouthCDBlackbean And Placenta Tape Club2001Compilation
Still Flyin'Time Wrinkle EJCDAntenna Farm Records2006EP
Still Flyin'Za Cloud EJCDAntenna Farm Records2007EP
Still Flyin'Good Thing It's Ghost Town Around HereCDLost & Lonesome2008Single
Still Flyin'Never Gonna Touch The GroundCDErnest Jenning Record Co.2009Album
Still Flyin'Victory WalkerVinylErnest Jenning Record Co.20107", 45 RPM
Still Flyin'A Party In MotionCDMoshi Moshi Records2010EP
Still Flyin'A Party In MotionVinylErnest Jenning Record Co., Lost & Lonesome201012"
Still Flyin'Runaway Train IIVinylErnest Jenning Record Co., Lost & Lonesome20107"
Still Flyin'Neu IdeasCDErnest Jenning Record Co., Lost & Lonesome2011Compilation
Still Flyin'On A Bedroom WallCDErnest Jenning Record Co.2012Album
Still Flyin'Travelin' ManVinylHighline Records20127", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Still Flyin'Perfect FutureVinylErnest Jenning Record Co.2016Album, LP
Stove (4)Is StupiderVinylExploding in Sound Records2015LP
Stove (4)Greatest HitsCassetteExploding in Sound Records2016Compilation
Stove (4)'s Favorite FriendVinylExploding in Sound Records2018Album, LP
Strand Of OaksHard LoveVinylDead Oceans2017Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Club Edition, Numbered
Stuck (7)Content That Makes You Feel Good / Remixes That Make You Feel GoodCassetteExploding in Sound Records2021EP
Stuck (7)Content That Makes You Feel GoodCassetteExploding in Sound Records2021EP
Stuck (7)Content That Makes You Feel GoodVinylExploding in Sound Records202212", EP, 45 RPM
SubRosa (3)Key Of The EidolonFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20167", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Sugar (5)Copper Blue + BeasterCDMerge Records2012Compilation, Album, EP, Reissue, Remastered
Sugar (5)File Under: Easy ListeningCDMerge Records2012Album, Reissue, Remastered
Sunny Day Real EstateDiaryCDSub Pop1994Album
Sunny Day Real EstateSunny Day Real EstateCDSub Pop1995Album
Sunny Day Real EstateHow It Feels To Be Something OnVinylSub Pop19987", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single
Sunny Day Real EstateHow It Feels To Be Something OnCDSub Pop1998Album
Sunny Day Real EstateLiveCDSub Pop1999Album
Sunny Day Real EstateThe Rising TideCDTime Bomb Recordings2000Album
Sunny Day Real EstateDiary - Live At London Bridge StudioVinylSDRE Tours, LLC2024Limited Edition, LP
Sunny Day Real Estate, Shudder To ThinkShudder To Think / Sunny Day Real EstateVinylSub Pop19947", 45 RPM, Promo
Sunshine FixThe Future History Of A Sunshine FixCDKindercore Records2000EP
Sunshine FixAge Of The SunCDKindercore Records, Emperor Norton2002Album
Sunshine Fix, Always Red SocietyHappy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #13VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20097", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single
Super XX ManVol. ICassetteNot On Label (Super XX Man Self-released)1995Album
Super XX ManVol. IICassetteNot On Label (Super XX Man Self-released)1996Album
Super XX ManVol. IIIVinylPeek-A-Boo Records (2)19977", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
SuperchunkMe & You & Jackie MittooVinylMerge Records20137", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
SuperchunkVoid/FaithVinylMerge Records20137", Limited Edition, Numbered, Record Store Day
SuperchunkWhat A Time To Be Alive (Acoustic) b/w Erasure (Acoustic)VinylMerge Records20187", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single, Record Store Day
Survival KnifeLoose PowerVinylGlacial Pace2014Album, LP
Swings (2)SugarwaterVinylExploding in Sound Records2015Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
Talking HeadsRemain In LightCDSireUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
Talking HeadsFear Of MusicCDSireUNKNOWNAlbum, Repress, Reissue
Tall FriendSafely Nobody'sVinylExploding in Sound Records2017Album, LP
Tall FriendTawl FriendCassetteExploding in Sound Records2017EP, Repress
Taper's ChoiceHistory of Taper's Choice Vol. I (Taper's Choice)VinylORG Music, Aquarium Drunkard2023Album, Stereo, LP
Tar1988-1995VinylChunklet Magazine2013Compilation, LP
Tea Time (7)Earl GreyVinylToo Many Records (2), 永遠に B O G U S // COLLECTIVE2020Limited Edition, LP, Numbered
Ted Leo / Pharmacists, Zach GalifianakisZach Galifianakis / Ted Leo And The PharmacistsVinylChunklet Magazine20087", Limited Edition, Repress, 45 RPM, Single
Telekinesis (2)Can't See Stars b/w Outdoor MinerVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
TelevisionMarquee MoonCDElektra1987Album, Reissue
Television Personalities...And Don't The Kids Just Love ItCassetteModern Country Records2011Album, Reissue
Tenacious DTenacious DCDEpic2001Album
ThankThoughtless CrueltyCassetteExploding in Sound Records2021Album
Thank God For AstronautsSelf-Titled 7" EPVinylBest Friends Records20027", EP
Thank God For AstronautsTake It Tough / 18 Seismic WavesVinylBest Friends Records20037"
Thao With The Get Down Stay DownKindness Be ConceivedVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
The AgendaStart The PanicCDKindercore Records2002Album
The AgendaDo The Crash! Crash!VinylThe Telegraph Company20027", Single
The AgendaAre You Nervous?VinylKindercore Records20027", 45 RPM
The AgendaDo The Crash CrashCDMust... Destroy!!2003Single, Enhanced
The Apples In StereoScience FaireCDElephant Six Recording Co., spinART Records1996Compilation
The Apples In StereoSeems SoCDSire1998Single, Promo
The Apples In StereoHer Wallpaper ReverieCDShock (2), spinART Records1999Album
The Apples In StereoThe Discovery Of A World Inside The MooneCDspinART Records2000Album
The Apples In StereoVelocity Of SoundCDspinART Records2002Album
The Apples In StereoNew Magnetic WonderCDP-Vine Records2007Album
The Apples In StereoElectronic Projects For MusiciansCDYep Roc Records, Simian Records2008Compilation, Album, Limited Edition
The Apples In StereoScience FaireVinylElephant Six Recording Co., Chunklet Industries2016Compilation, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Reissue
The Apples In Stereo, Patience PleaseHappy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #9VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20097", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
The ArthursWalking In The SunlightCDDirigeable Records2002Album
The Autumn Teen SoundFrom Quebec To OswegoVinylParis Caramel19997"
The Beach BoysPet SoundsCDCapitol RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue, Remastered
The BeatlesMagical Mystery TourCDParlophone, Apple RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Stereo, Repress, Reissue, Remastered
The BeatlesRevolverCDParlophone, Apple RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Stereo, Repress, Reissue
The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandCDParlophone, Apple RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
The Best Friends GroupWhen Everyone's AroundCDMagic Marker Records2001Album
The Black KeysThickfreaknessCDEpitaph, Fat Possum Records, Shock (2)2003Album
The Black KeysRubber FactoryCDFat Possum Records2004Album
The Black KeysChulahomaCDFat Possum Records2006Album
The Black KeysMagic PotionCDNonesuch2006Album
The Black KeysAttack & ReleaseCDNonesuch2008Album
The Black KeysBrothersCDNonesuch2010Album
The Black KeysEl CaminoCDNonesuch2011Album
The Black KeysTurn BlueCDNonesuch2014Album
The Black Keys9:30 Club ShowCDrNot On Label (The Black Keys)UNKNOWNUnofficial Release
The Black KeysThe Big Come UpCDAlive RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Repress
The Boys' Star LibrarySugar & WaterCDBumblebear Records2002Album
The Can't SeeComa Comma No MoreVinylNot On Label2005LP
The Clientele, King Khan & His Shrines, Destroyer (4)Falling Asleep / Orpheus Avenue / Know Your Product / Te Recuerdo AmandaVinylMerge Records2014Compilation, 7", Limited Edition, Single
The Cornelius Boots TrioNew Series OneCassetteCanadian Exchange Collection1997Album
The Crust BrothersMarquee MarkCDTelemomo1998Album
The DecemberistsLive At Bull MooseCDCapitol Records2011Limited Edition, EP
The DecemberistsWhat A Terrible World, What A Beautiful WorldCDCapitol Records2015Album
The DodosTwo Ships b/w Somewhere ElseVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20157", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
The Drums (2)The DrumsCDDowntown, Island Records2010Album
The Essex GreenEverything Is GreenCDKindercore Records1999Album
The Essex GreenSingles Club #8VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20007", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single
The EyesoresThe EyesoresCassetteNot On Label (The Eyesores Self-released)1998EP
The Faintest IdeasYour Imaginary Bullets Really HurtCDrHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2007Limited Edition, EP
The Fire TheftThe Fire TheftCDRykodisc2003Album
The Fire TheftThe Fire TheftVinylThirty Something Records2024Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
The Flaming LipsThe Soft BulletinCDWarner Bros. Records1999Album, HDCD
The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles The Pink RobotsCDWarner Bros. Records2002Album
The Flaming LipsAt War With The MysticsCDWarner Bros. Records2006Album, Stereo
The Flaming LipsEmbryonicCDWarner Bros. Records2009Album
The Flaming LipsThe Flaming Lips And Heady FwendsCDWarner Bros. Records, Lovely Sorts of Death Records2012Album
The Flaming LipsPeace SwordCDWarner Bros. Records, Lovely Sorts of Death Records2013Limited Edition, EP
The Flaming LipsThe TerrorCDWarner Bros. Records, Lovely Sorts of Death Records2013Album
The Flaming LipsHeady Nuggs: Clouds Taste Metallic 20 Years LaterVinyl, Box SetWarner Bros. Records2015Compilation, Album, Limited Edition, LP, EP, Reissue, Numbered
The Flaming LipsOnboard The International Space Station Concert For PeaceVinylWarner Bros. Records Inc., Lovely Sorts of Death2017Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
The Flaming LipsThe Mushroom TapesVinylRestless Records, Rhino Records (2), Lovely Sorts of Death Records2018Limited Edition, LP, Remastered, Record Store Day
The Flaming LipsThe Soft BulletinVinylWarner Records2019Album, LP, Reissue, Club Edition, Remastered
The Flaming Lips, MastodonA Spoonful Weighs A TonVinylWarner Bros. Records, Reprise Records20127", Limited Edition, Single, Record Store Day
The Flaming Lips, Mick JonesKing's Mouth (Music And Songs)VinylWarner Bros. Records, Lovely Sorts of Death Records2019Album, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
The Flaming Lips, The Colorado Symphony Orchestra(Recorded Live At Red Rocks Amphitheatre) The Soft BulletinVinylWarner Records2019Album, LP
The Folk ImplosionPalm Of My Hand / Mood SwingVinylCommunion Label19957", 45 RPM, Single
The Four CornersSay You're A ScreamCDKindercore Records2001Album
The FoxesLast Of ManyCDRoom 10 Records2011Album
The Frosted AmbassadorThe Frosted AmbassadorCDKindercore Records1999Album
The Galactic HeroesHow About San Francisco?CDMagic Marker Records2000Album
The GerbilsGlueVinylHidden Agenda Records19977", 45 RPM, Single
The GerbilsAre You SleepyCDHidden Agenda Records1998Album
The GerbilsThe Battle Of ElectricityCDOrange Twin Records2001EP
The Gift MachineCD-R EP ClubCDrHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2007EP
The Gloria RecordGrace, The Snow Is HereVinylCrank!19987", 45 RPM
The Grateful DeadLive/DeadCDWarner Bros. Records, Rhino Records (2)UNKNOWNAlbum, Repress, Reissue, Remastered, HDCD
The I Live The Life Of A Movie Star Secret HideoutGale Wind TransistorCDHit Or Miss Records (2)1998Compilation
The I Live The Life Of A Movie Star Secret HideoutAutumn Girl Arches Horse Men Bring ArrowsCDMarch Records2000Album
The IditarodThe River NektarCDHub City1998Album
The Jesus LizardShotVinylReal Gone Music2022Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Special Edition, Record Store Day
The Journals KeptWar TrailsCassetteCassetteland2017Album
The KirksRejected #2VinylHigh School Reject Records19987", 45 RPM
The KirksRotten LoveVinylRoyal Records (4)19987", EP, 45 RPM
The Ladybug Transistor, Of MontrealA Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: September 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM, Single
The Late B.P. HeliumSingles Club #12VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20007", Limited Edition
The Letter EThe Letter E EPCDTiger Style1998EP
The Lil' HospitalMeet The Lil' HospitalCassetteNot On Label (The Lil' Hospital Self-released)2000Album
The Lil' HospitalMe & My BeatboxCassettePopgun2001EP
The Lil' HospitalPretty Kissin'CassettePopgun2002EP
The Lost ManNatural DisasterVinylKindercore Records19967", 33 ⅓ RPM, Numbered
The LucksmithsWhere Were We?CDMatinée Recordings2002Compilation
The LucksmithsNaturalisteCDDrive-In Records, Boompa Records2004Album
The M'sFuture WomenCDPolyvinyl Record Company2006Album
The M'sReal Close OnesCDPolyvinyl Record Company2008Album
The Masta CylindazOut Francin' Y'All!CDrNokahoma Records2005Album
The MaybellinesOur Secret LivesCDrHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2007EP
The Mendoza LineDraft Day Jitters EPVinylKindercore Records19967", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
The Mendoza LinePoems To A PawnshopCDKindercore Records1997Album
The Mendoza LineLike Someone In LoveCDKindercore Records1998Album
The Mendoza LineI Like You When You're Not AroundCDKindercore Records1999Album
The Mendoza Line, VermontA Kindercore Records Single Of The Month: June 2000VinylKindercore Records20007", 45 RPM
The Mercury Program, MaseratiThe Confines Of HeatCD, DVDKindercore Records2003EP, DVD-Video, NTSC
The MicrophonesTestsCDElsinor Records1998Compilation
The MicrophonesDon't Wake Me UpCDK1999Album
The MicrophonesIt Was Hot, We Stayed In The WaterCDK2000Album
The Microphones"The Glow" Pt. 2CDK2001Album
The MicrophonesSong IslandsCDK2002Compilation
The MicrophonesThe Singing From "Mt. Eerie"CDK2003EP
The MicrophonesThe Drums From Mt. EerieCDK2003EP
The MicrophonesMount EerieCDK2003Album
The Miles Davis QuintetLive In Europe 1967 - Best Of Bootleg Vol. 1CDColumbia, Legacy2011Compilation, Album
The MindersThe Future's Always PerfectCDFuture Farmer Recordings2003Mini-Album
The Mosquitoes19 Favorites From The MosquitoesCDrNot On Label2002Album
The MosquitoesMosquitoes Of DeathCDrNot On Label2002Album
The Mosquitoes9/04 SF, CACDrNot On Label2004EP
The MosquitoesOur GenerationCDLost & Lonesome2004Album
The Mountain Goats, Superchunk, Mikal Cronin, Mount MoriahTakin' It Easy / Good Morning / Revolution Blues / Shot In The DarkVinylMerge Records20147", Limited Edition
The MynabirdsThe House That Heaven BuiltVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
The National SplitsGrab The Bottle And Run To The HillVinylBumblebear Records20017", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
The National SplitsThe National SplitsCDBlackbean And Placenta Tape Club, Kittridge Records2002Album
The New PornographersTwin CinemaCDMatador2005Album, Promo
The Olivia Tremor ControlBlack Foliage: Animation Music Volume 1CDFlydaddy Records1999Album
The Olivia Tremor ControlPresents: Singles And BeyondCDKindercore Records, Emperor Norton2000Compilation
The Olivia Tremor ControlJohn Peel SessionVinylChunklet Magazine201412", 45 RPM, Reissue
The OrdealsI Believe 7"VinylECB&B20157", 45 RPM, Single
The Pale Horse RidersVituperate EPVinylBroker's Tip Records199412", EP
The PasserinesCD-R EP ClubCDrHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2007EP
The Pecan SandiesThe Pecan SandiesCassetteLil' Lion RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum
The Polyphonic SpreeTogether We're HeavyCD, DVDHollywood Records, Good Records2004Album, Stereo, DVD-Video, Enhanced
The Polyphonic SpreeThe Beginning Stages Of...CDHollywood Records, Good Records2004Album, Repress, Reissue, Promo, Enhanced
The Princeton Reverbs ColonialChrist On The Foreheads Of 144,000VinylRed Carpet Ring1999Album, LP
The Princeton Reverbs Colonial...And The Flute To Float The Soldier's SwordCDRed Carpet Ring2000Album
The Princeton Reverbs Colonial...And The Flute To Float The Soldier's SwordCDRed Carpet Ring2000Album
The Princeton Reverbs ColonialSingles Club #6VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20007", Limited Edition, Single
The Princeton Reverbs Colonial@ The 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 06/11/99CassetteKylie Productions2000Album
The Princeton Reverbs ColonialRing The Pair-a-bellsCDDirigeable Records2002Album
The Princeton Reverbs ColonialJoin The Invisible ChoirCDrNot On Label2005Album, Promo
The Promise RingNothing Feels GoodCDJade Tree1997Album
The Promise RingStop Playing GuitarVinylAnti-20027", Single
The Real Tuesday WeldL'amour Et La MorteCDKindercore Records2000EP
The Real Tuesday WeldWhere Psyche Meets CupidCDKindercore Records2001Album
The RosebudsThe Rosebuds Make OutCDMerge Records2003Album
The Scenic VermontThe Scenic VermontVinylChocolate River (Deconstruction)19967", EP, 45 RPM
The Scenic VermontWorse Further SouthVinylSuicide Squeeze199712", EP
The Secret StarsNightingale / RPMSVinylAtlas (3)19967", 45 RPM
The ShinsOh, Inverted WorldCDSub Pop2001Album, Enhanced
The ShinsWincing The Night AwayCDSub Pop2007Album
The ShinsPort Of MorrowCDColumbia, Aural Apothecary Records2012Album
The ShinsLive At Third Man RecordsVinylThird Man Records2013Album, LP
The ShinsHeartwormsVinylColumbia, Aural Apothecary Records2017Album, Limited Edition, LP
The ShinsThe Worms HeartVinylColumbia, Aural Apothecary Records2018Album, LP
The ShinsChutes Too NarrowCDSub PopUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
The Sixth Great LakeUp The CountryCDKindercore Records2001Album
The Speaking CanariesSummer Band / He Did Send In The ArmyLathe CutChunklet Industries, Third Uncle Records20167", Limited Edition, Single
The Speaking Canaries Stolen Reptile Tech Piece b/w Wild Cluck WindVinylChunklet Industries20197", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition
The Spirit Of The BeehiveHypnic JerksVinylTiny Engines2018Album, LP
The StrokesIs This ItCDRCA2001Album
The StrokesAnglesCDRCA2011Album
The Sugar ShakersThe Sugar ShakersCDrDcBaltimore2002EP, Promo
The Swords ProjectWinter / Spring 2002 Tour CDCDrNot On Label (The Swords Project Self-released)2002EP
The TeacupsFrom Zero To Infinity ...VinylKindercore Records, Rollerrink Records19977", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
The TeacupsThis Will Come Back To Haunt YouCDKindercore Records1998Album
The Texas GentlemenTX JellyVinylNew West Records2017Album, LP
The Texas GentlemenOutta The BluesVinylTexas Gentlemen Records2017Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, 12", EP, 45 RPM, Numbered
The Texas GentlemenFloor It!!!VinylNew West Records2020Album, Limited Edition, LP, Club Edition, Numbered
The Utensils (2)Skittle BreathVinylDrive-In Records, Moonscreen Records19997", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
The VisitationsVisitationsCDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2001Album
The Wee TurtlesThis Land Is Your LandVinylEarworm2000LP
The Wee TurtlesThis Land Is Your LandCDPitch-A-Tent2000Album
The West Section LineAirliner/ Chicago Chalk OutlineVinylRx Remedy19957", 45 RPM, Single
The West Section LineThe Man DownstairsCDRx Remedy1996Album
The West Section LineWorld Cities / 16FVinylSub Pop19977", 45 RPM
The Young SinclairsFeel BadCDNot On Label (The Young Sinclairs Self-released)2007Album
The Young SinclairsThe Songs Of The Young SinclairsVinylKindercore Records2010Compilation, LP
ThirdfaceDo It With A SmileVinylExploding in Sound Records2021Album, LP, 45 RPM
Thurston MoorePsychic HeartsCDGeffen Records1995Album
Tiara (2)Find The TimeVinylLizard Family Music19967", EP, 45 RPM
Tiara (2)CallinG the WhaleSCDHub City1998Album
Tiara (2)It's A MessageVinylGlazed Records19997", Single
Tiara (2)Again Cast InCDAnyway Records2000Album
Tiara (2)TitletronCDGrand Theft Autumn2002Album
Tiara (2)The Summer Of The Lion, The Summer Of The LambCDWe Want Action2004Album
Tiara (2)Chained To The CrownCDWe Want Action2005Album
Tiara (2), Miranda SoundDonewaiting.com Volume No1 Tiara vs Miranda SoundVinylDONEWAITING.COM2005Album, Limited Edition, LP
Tiger Bear WolfTiger Bear WolfCDHello Sir Records2005Album
Tim KasherSalt Them Wounds / NeedsVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Tim Kinsella"He Sang His Didn't He Danced His Did"CDTroubleman Unlimited, Troubleman Solo Singles Series2001EP
Tim KinsellaCrucifix SwastikaCDRecord Label2005EP
Tim KinsellaField Recordings Of DreamsCDI Had An Accident Records2007Album
Titans Of FilthCD-R EP ClubCDrHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2007EP
TortoiseMillions Now Living Will Never DieCDThrill Jockey2013Album, Reissue
Toxic HolocaustLife Is A LieFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
Toy CarsSleeping PatternsVinylCounter Intuitive Records20167", EP, Numbered
Track StarRemovable PartsVinylSuicide Squeeze19987", Single
Track StarLion Destroyed The Whole WorldCDBetter Looking Records2002Album
Track StarThe ChordVinylOmnibus20037", Single
Track StarSometimes, What's The Difference? ReduxVinylSilver Girl Records2021Album, LP
Trans Am (2)The SurveillanceCDThrill Jockey1998Album, Stereo
Trap ThemFeedin' The Charlatan / I Hate The KidsFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20147", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Single Sided
Trey AnastasioBurn It DownVinylRubber Jungle Records2021Album, LP
Trey Anastasio, Page McConnellDecemberVinylJemp Records2021Stereo, Limited Edition, 12", EP
TRIIIBEIII AM What III AMVinylToo Many Records (2)2021Album, LP
True Love AlwaysHopefullyCDTeenbeat1998Album
TullycraftOld Traditions, New StandardsCDHarriet Records1996Album
TullycraftBeat Surf FunCDMagic Marker Records2002Album
Tullycraft, The SmittensOn Tape / My Boyfriend's BackVinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20087", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Twin Peaks (6)Roads Obscure / Like HawaiiVinylPolyvinyl Record Company20177", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single
Two Inch AstronautBad BrotherVinylExploding in Sound Records2013Album, 12"
Two Inch AstronautFoulbroodVinylExploding in Sound Records2014Album, LP
Two Inch AstronautPersonal LifeVinylExploding in Sound Records2016Album, Limited Edition, LP
Two Inch AstronautCan You Please Not HelpVinylExploding in Sound Records2017Album, LP
Two Inch AstronautFoulbroodCassetteExploding in Sound Records2018Album
Two Inch Astronaut, Grass Is GreenSplit DicksVinylExploding in Sound Records20127"
Ugly CasanovaSharpen Your TeethCDSub Pop2002Album
UnwoundKid Is GoneVinyl, Box SetNumero Group2013Compilation, Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
UnwoundRat ConspiracyVinyl, Box SetNumero Group2014Compilation, Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
UnwoundNo EnergyVinyl, Box SetNumero Group2014Compilation, Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
UnwoundEmpireVinyl, Box SetNumero Group2015Compilation, Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Remastered
VallenfyreThe Great DivideFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20147", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
Vampire WeekendContraCDXL Recordings2010Album
VariousThat Thing You Do! - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCDPlay-Tone, Epic Soundtrax1996Album
VariousTreble Revolution Volume 2CDKindercore Records1996Compilation
VariousChristmas In StereoCDKindercore Records1997Compilation
VariousWhiteVinylMagic Eye Singles19977", Limited Edition
VariousLittle Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 7 Summer 1997CDDarla Records1997Compilation, Sampler
VariousAll On The Account Of SongsCDRed Carpet Ring1997Compilation
VariousWe Can Still Be FriendsCDMagic Marker Records1998Compilation, Album
VariousSeven Summers International Pop Volume 2CDKindercore Records, TweeNet Communications1998Compilation
VariousLosing Money & Losing FriendsCDMarch Records1998Compilation
VariousZum Audio Vol. 2CDZum1998Compilation
VariousDreams Are Free (With Purchase) (Sympathy For Count Pococurante, Vol. 3)CDDark Beloved Cloud1998Compilation, Album
VariousThe Gants Never Again! - Tribute To The GantsVinyl100 Guitar Mania Records, Freedom Fortress Preservation Society1999Compilation, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM
VariousKindercore Christmas TwoCDKindercore Records1999Compilation
VariousBumping Up And DownVinylLil' Red Wagon1999Compilation, 7"
VariousA Bunch Of Beatniks Riding A RocketCassetteRed Carpet Ring1999Compilation
VariousWith Singing, Orchestra, And Harp (An International Gathering)VinylRed Carpet Ring1999Compilation, LP
VariousHey, It's My BirthdayCassetteHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records1999Compilation, Limited Edition
VariousHappy Happy Birthday To Me Vol. 1CDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records1999Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
VariousLive In The Lobby WUOG 90.5 Athens GACDWUOG1999Compilation
VariousJust Another Taste Of Electronic Watusi BoogalooCDKindercore Records, Electronic Watusi Boogaloo1999Compilation
VariousBreakoutCassetteDead Turtle Recordings2000Compilation
VariousHalloween Special!CassettePopgun2000Compilation
VariousThe Unaccompanied Voice (An A Capella Compilation)CDSecretly Canadian2000Compilation, Album
VariousBuild Your Own RadioCDBumblebear Records2000Compilation, Album
VariousJourney To End Of Twilight (U.S. Pop Life Vol.8 North East)CDContact Records2000Compilation
VariousBlackbean And Placenta CD Compilation # 4, Autumn 2000CDBlackbean And Placenta Tape Club2000Compilation
VariousLittle Darla Has A Treat For You V.15 Indian Summer 2000CDDarla Records2000Compilation, Sampler
VariousDarla 100 (1994-2000)CDDarla Records2000Compilation
VariousLittle Darla Has A Treat For You V.14, Winter 2000CDDarla Records2000Compilation, Sampler
VariousKindercoreFifty - WeThankYouCDKindercore Records2000Compilation
VariousLittle Molly Has A Treat For YouCDMarch Records2000Compilation, Sampler
VariousLove Ballads - March Records Winter Into Spring Sampler 2000CDMarch Records2000Compilation, Sampler
VariousThru Spray Colored Glasses (Carafate Roads Vol. 8)VinylMotorway20007"
VariousThrough The Looking Glass: Indie Pop Plays The MonkeesCDPlanting Seeds Records2000Compilation
VariousSingles Club Bonus TapeCassetteHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2000Compilation, Limited Edition
VariousCandycore!CassetteGutless Zine2001Compilation
VariousChristmas UndergroundCDrBumblebear Records, Planting Seeds Records2001Compilation
VariousLittle Darla Has A Treat For You, V.16, Spring 2001CDDarla Records2001Compilation, Sampler
VariousLittle Darla Has A Treat For You, V.17 (Summer 2001)CDDarla Records2001Compilation
VariousSweet Sweet CasioCDBlackbean And Placenta Tape Club, North Of January2001Compilation
VariousbumbleBEAR friends & family: volume 1CDrThe Free Label2001Compilation
VariousbumbleBear friends & family: Volume 2CDrThe Free Label2002Compilation
VariousHappy Happy Birthday To Me Volume 2CDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2002Compilation, Limited Edition
VariousPolyvinyl Sampler 2002-2003CDPolyvinyl Record Company2002Compilation, Sampler, Promo
VariousLittle Darla Has A Treat For You, V.19, Fall 2002CDDarla Records2002Compilation
VariousLittle Darla Has A Treat For You | Volume 18 | Winter 2002CDDarla Records2002Compilation, Stereo, Sampler
VariousIs This Kindercore?CDKindercore Records2002Compilation
VariousMatinée 50!CDMatinée Recordings2003Compilation
VariousSweater Weather. A March Records Compilation 2003CDrMarch Records2003Compilation
VariousThe Date TapeCassetteGabe & Lizeth Records2003Compilation, Limited Edition
VariousLittle Darla Has A Treat For You, V.21, Winter 2004CDDarla Records2003Compilation, Sampler
VariousLittle Darla Has A Treat For You V.20 (Summer 2003)CDDarla Records2003Compilation
VariousFirst String Teenage High - (The Songs Of Tullycraft Played By People Who Aren't)CDBumblebear Records, Albert Ayler's Jukebox Records2003Compilation
VariousYou're Still Young At HeartCDShelflife Records2003Compilation
VariousPolyvinyl 2004 SamplerCDPolyvinyl Record Company2004Compilation, Promo
VariousHappy Happy Birthday To Me Vol. 3CDHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2004Compilation, Limited Edition
VariousCandycore!CDrAsaurus Records2004Compilation
VariousAnticon Label Sampler: 1999 - 2004CDAnticon2004Mixed, Sampler
VariousLittle Darla Has A Treat For You (Indian Summer 2004 V.22)CDDarla Records2004Compilation, Sampler
VariousChannel 3 - A Compilation Of Output RecordingsCDOutput2004Compilation
VariousYou Already Have Way Too Many CDRsCDrAsaurus Records2005Compilation
VariousAppetizers & LeftoversCDI Eat Records2005Compilation
VariousSingles Club 1999-2000CDrHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2006Compilation, Limited Edition
VariousWhat To Do With EverythingCDPolyvinyl Record Company2006Compilation
VariousXmas-3 The War On Christmas!CDKindercore Records2007Compilation
VariousThe Magic Twig Community - Compilation Volume 1CDrKindercore Records, Magic Twig Community2008Compilation
VariousBefore You Go: 2008 Polyvinyl SamplerCDPolyvinyl Record Company2008Compilation
VariousThe Nurse Who Loved Me: A Tribute To FailureCDPop Up Records2008Album
VariousJoan Of Arc Presents Don't Mind ControlCDPolyvinyl Record Company2010Album
VariousLocal Customs : Lone Star LowlandsCDNumero Group2010Compilation, Remastered
Various180° South: Conquerors Of The Useless (Original Soundtrack)CDBrushfire Records2010Album
VariousSongs Of Farewell And Departure: A Tribute To HumCDPop Up Records2011Album
VariousTerminal Sales Vol. 5: Mixed NutsCDSub Pop2012Compilation, Sampler, Promo, Record Store Day
VariousI Need You BadVinylPolyvinyl Record Company2013Compilation, Limited Edition, LP
VariousMerge Sampler | Fall 2013CDMerge Records2013Compilation, Sampler, Promo
VariousPurple Snow (Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound)CDNumero Group2013Compilation
VariousSXSW Promo FlexiFlexi-discGold Robot Records20137", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition
VariousEccentric Soul: The Way Out LabelCDNumero Group2014Compilation
VariousEccentric Soul: Capitol City SoulCDNumero Group2014Compilation
VariousOr Thousands Of Prizes: The Covers EPVinylMerge Records2014Compilation, 12", EP, 45 RPM
VariousMerge Records Fall Sampler 2014CDMerge Records2014Compilation, Sampler, Promo
VariousSix Weeks Of WinterCassetteSleeper Records (2)2017Compilation
VariousEIS: Live At Shea StadiumCassetteExploding in Sound Records2017Compilation
VariousEIS: Live At Shea StadiumVinylExploding in Sound Records2017Compilation, LP
VariousLife's Too Short To Listen To Crap MusicCDEmotional Response (2)2018Compilation
VariousJesus People Music Vol. 1: The End is At HandVinylORG Music, Aquarium Drunkard2020Compilation, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
VariousFlag Day (Original Soundtrack)VinylRepublic Records, Seattle Surf Co.2021LP
VariousGeneration BlueVinylBig Stir Records, Spyderpop Records2024Compilation, Limited Edition, LP
VariousZip-Locked & Loaded Vol. 2CassettePopgunUNKNOWNCompilation
Various21 Holiday LullabiesCDrKelle RecordsUNKNOWNCompilation
Various, Crooked Fingers, Spider Bags, The Twerps (2), Ex HexWestern Line / Into A Tree / All Kindsa Girls / Science / Or Thousands Of Prizes (CD Recap) / Or Thousands Of Prizes: The Covers EPVinyl, CDMerge Records2014Compilation, 7", Limited Edition, 12", EP, 45 RPM
VarnalineParty NowVinylClubland Records19957", 33 ⅓ RPM
Vermilion ClubHomeVinylToo Many Records (2)2019Album, LP
VermontLiving TogetherCDKindercore Records1999Album
VermontCalling AlbanyCDKindercore Records2002Album
Vermont, Mark MallmanMark Mallman & VermontCDGuilt Ridden Pop2001Album
VersusHurrahCDMerge Records2000Album
Vince GuaraldiIt's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Music from the SoundtrackVinylCraft Recordings2019Album, Limited Edition, LP, Club Edition, Etched, Numbered
Vince Guaraldi TrioA Charlie Brown Christmas (Original Sound Track Recording Of The CBS Television Special)VinylFantasy2018Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue
Vince Mole & His Calcium OrchestraSpend The Future In 1994VinylFormer Brothers Records19987"
Vince Mole & His Calcium OrchestraSingles Club #4VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records20007", Limited Edition, Numbered
Vince Mole & His Calcium OrchestraKevin Whiskey 35VinylHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records, Jonathon Whiskey20027", Limited Edition, Single
Washer (2)Here Comes WasherVinylExploding in Sound Records2016Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
Washer (2)All AboardVinylExploding in Sound Records2017Album, Stereo, Limited Edition, LP
Washer (2)Improved Means To Deteriorated EndsVinylExploding in Sound Records2023Album, 12"
WatainFuck Off, We MurderFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20137", Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Single Sided
Water From Your EyesAll A DanceCassetteExploding in Sound Records2018Album
Water From Your EyesSomebody Else's SongVinylExploding in Sound Records2019Album, Stereo, LP
Watery Love, Kurt Vile & Th' LovetonesLet's Go Somewhere Special And/Or Nowhere SpecialVinylPitchfork Media20147", Limited Edition
We Versus The SharkRuin EverythingCDHello Sir Records2004Album
We Versus The Shark, Maserati, CinemechanicaHSR SplitCDHello Sir Records2004EP
WeenThe PodCDElektra1995Album, Reissue, Remastered
WeenWhite PepperCDElektra2000Album, Stereo
WeenLa CucarachaCDChocodog Records, Rounder Records2007Album
WeenThe Friends EPCDChocodog Records2007EP
WeenPaintin' The Town Brown Ween Live '90 - ' 98CDChocodog Records, Rounder Records2009Album, Reissue
WeenThe MolluskVinylPlain Recordings2011Album, LP, Reissue
Ween12 Golden Country GreatsVinylPlain Recordings2016Album, LP, Repress, Reissue
WeenGod Ween Satan: LiveVinylChocodog Records2016Album, Limited Edition, LP
WeenGod Ween Satan - The OnenessCDRestless RecordsUNKNOWNAlbum, Repress, Reissue, Remastered
WeenChocolate And CheeseCDElektraUNKNOWNAlbum, Repress
WeezerBuddy HollyCDGeffen Records1995Single
WeezerEl ScorchoCDGeffen Records1996Single
WeezerPink TriangleCDDGC1997Single, Promo
WeezerWeezerCDGeffen Records2001Album
WeezerHash PipeCDGeffen Records2001Single, Enhanced
WeezerHash PipeVinylGeffen Records20017", 45 RPM, Single
WeezerMaladroitCDGeffen Records2002Album, Numbered, Enhanced
WeezerKeep Fishin'CDGeffen Records2002Single
WeezerThe Lion And The WitchCDGeffen Records2002Limited Edition, EP, Numbered
WeezerMake BelieveCDGeffen Records2005Album, Stereo, Enhanced
WeezerWeezerCDDGC, Interscope Records2008Album, Deluxe Edition
WeezerRaditudeCDDGC, Interscope Records2009Album, Deluxe Edition
WeezerDeath To False MetalCDDGC, UMe2010Album
WeezerHurleyCDEpitaph2010Album, Deluxe Edition
WeezerEverything Will Be Alright In The EndCDRepublic Records2014Album
WeezerWeezerVinylCrush Music (2)2016Album, LP
WeezerPinkertonVinylGeffen Records2016Album, LP, Repress, Reissue, Club Edition, Remastered
WeezerPacific DaydreamVinylCrush Music (2), Atlantic2017Album, Limited Edition, LP
WeezerAfricaVinylCrush Music (2)20187", 45 RPM, Single
WeezerWeezerCDCrush Music (2), Atlantic2019Album
WeezerWeezerVinylCrush Music (2), Atlantic2019Album, LP, Record Store Day
WeezerWeezerVinylAtlantic Records, Crush Music (2)2019Album, Limited Edition, LP
WeezerIt's Been So LongVinylWeezer Fan Club20197", 45 RPM, Single, Single Sided
WeezerDusty Gems & Raw NuggetsVinylUMe, Geffen Records2019Compilation, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day
WeezerVan WeezerVinylCrush Music (2), Atlantic2021Album, Limited Edition, LP
WeezerOK HumanVinylCrush Music (2), Atlantic2021Album, Limited Edition, LP
WeezerSZNZ: Spring VinylCrush Music (2), Atlantic2023Limited Edition, 12", EP, 45 RPM
WeezerSZNZ: SummerVinylCrush Music (2), Atlantic2023Limited Edition, LP, EP, 45 RPM
WeezerSZNZ: AutumnVinylCrush Music (2), Atlantic2023Limited Edition, 12", EP, 45 RPM
WeezerSZNZ: WinterVinylCrush Music (2), Atlantic2023Limited Edition, 12", EP, 45 RPM
WeezerPinkertonCDDGCUNKNOWNAlbum, Reissue
Weezer, WavvesFake Smiles And Nervous Laughter / You Gave Your Love To Me SoftlyVinylGhost Ramp20167", 45 RPM
Welcome (3)The Expensive Sounds of...CDRx Remedy1996EP
Welcome (3)Sun As Night LightCDRx Remedy1999Album
Welcome (3), Mars AcceleratorElvez / Scummy Little Midwesterner Frank (A Love Dream)VinylCorn! Records19957"
WilcoA.M.CDReprise Records1995Album
WilcoBeing ThereCDReprise Records1996Album
WilcoSummerteethCDReprise Records1999Album
WilcoYankee Hotel FoxtrotCDNonesuch2002Album, Limited Edition, EP, Enhanced
WilcoA Ghost Is BornCDNonesuch2004Album, Enhanced
WilcoKicking Television (Live In Chicago)CDNonesuch2005Album
WilcoSky Blue SkyCDNonesuch2007Album, Enhanced
WilcoWilco (The Album)CDNonesuch2009Album, Stereo
WilcoThe Whole LoveCDAnti-, dBpm Records2011Album, Limited Edition, Deluxe Edition
William S. Burroughs, Kurt CobainThe "Priest" They Called HimCDTim/Kerr Records1993EP
WipersIs This Real? - Anniversary Edition: 1980 - 2020VinylJackpot Records (3)2020Album, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, LP, Reissue, Record Store Day
WirePink FlagCDRestless RetroUNKNOWNAlbum, Repress, Reissue
Wolf ColonelThis Is AcidVinylK19987", EP
Wolf ColonelVikings Of MintCDK2000Album
Wolf ColonelThe CastleCDK2000Album
Wolf ColonelJohn Kennedy XFM SessionVinylJonson Family20027"
Wolfheart (3)Fire And IceFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20157", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Wolfie (3)Don't Turn It Off / Vfw / Putting It TogetherVinylGrand Theft Autumn19977", 45 RPM, Single
Wolfie (3)Awful Mess MysteryCDMud Records1998Album
Wolfie (3)Where's WolfieCDParasol Records1999Album
Wolfie (3)Wolfie, And The Coat And HatCDKindercore Records2000EP
Wolfie (3)Tall Dark HillCDMarch Records2001Album, Stereo
Wool (2)MaydayVinylBong Load Records19927", 45 RPM
Wool (2)Kill The CrowVinylBong Load Records19937", 45 RPM, Single
Woozy (2)BlisteredVinylExploding in Sound Records, Community Records (3)2015Album, LP
Yars RevengeDejectedCDrRed Carpet Ring1999Album
YazanHahahaVinylExploding in Sound Records2018Album, LP
ZAODrifting Shadows In Walking DreamsFlexi-discDecibel Flexi Series20167", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
Zelig (6)The SameVinylECB&B20147"
Zola Jesus, The Tea HeadsDust / ProwlerVinylPitchfork Media20147"
ZumpanoWraparound ShadesVinylSub Pop19947", 45 RPM, Single
Zuno MenPeopleCDrHappy Happy Birthday To Me Records2007Album, Reissue

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